Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2002
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 03/22/2002 21:32:44
Summary Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2002.

[Apologies for the lateness of this summary. For a full list of
changes, please refer to the tech-pkg mailing list. - agc]

31 packages were added to pkgsrc last month, and 4 were removed,
which, by my calculations, gives a total of 2673 packages at the
beginning of March, up from 2646 at the beginning of February.

Notable additions include:  adjustkernel, ap-python, arch, gimp-print,
icewmconf, ipcheck, libexif, mp3blaster, mserv, openoffice (thanks,
Michael), opera6, various perl utilities, py-gimp, and other python
utilities, ripe-whois, tmda, tnef2txt, and xfrisk.

Notable updates include:  abiword, adzap, analog, ap-php, various
apache modules, balsa, cadaver, chasen, clisp, cups, dillo, dinotrace,
dt, dx, ethereal, fping, gaim, galeon, gauche, gentoo (thanks,
Thomas), ghostscript, gimp, gkrellm, gnumeric, gphoto, gqmpeg, gtkam,
horde, icewm, ipcalc, ipv6calc, irssi, iskmpd, jhead, jikes, jwhois,
libexif, libpcap, libusb, mew, mozilla, mpg123, ntp4, openldap,
openoffice, openssh, opera6, various perl utilities, various php
utilities (thanks, Johnny), pkglint, various python utilities, rsync
(after some exceptional debugging by mycroft), samba, screen, SDL,
sh-utils, silc client and server, squid, ssh, some of the suse
packages, tcpdump, tightvnc, ucd-snmp, unzip, uvscan-dat, verilog,
vim, webalizer, xmame, xpaint, xpdf, xscreensaver and xwrits.

The Package of the Month award is split, and goes to (a)
misc/bidwatcher, nominated by Martin Husemann:

"If you ever buy something from eBay, this is the tool to use.  It has
a nice GUI, all the functionality I need and it just works.  Using
snipes to get important geek goods for cheap money in the last few
seconds before the auction closes saves you money - unless this turns
out to be an obsession and you buy more goods than you need :-/"

and to (b) devel/ddd, nominated by Sean Davis:

"I've been trying to track down a bug in the tl driver, and would
never have gotten as close as I am right now without it."

Alistair Crooks
Mon Mar  4 07:00:06 GMT 2002