Subject: New port: NetBSD/mvmeppc
To: None <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 03/03/2002 09:27:53
Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new port of NetBSD to
Motorola's MVME PowerPC range of Single Board Computers.

This porting effort was made possible by a donation of hardware (mvme160x)
by Gan Starling, and is based on the existing NetBSD/prep port. At this
time, only some MVME160x boards are supported but as usual, more boards
will be supported as hardware becomes available.

See http:/ for a brief description of the new
port, and for a
binary snapshot. Since this port is still in its infancy, the snapshot is
not recommended for beginners as it requires a fair degree of manual
configuration. That said, the port boots multi-user as a diskless NFS
client and can self-host.

Feel free to post comments/flames/suggestions for improvements to the
port's mailing list:, and bug reports using

Cheers, Steve