Subject: New developers
To: None <>
From: Reed Shadgett <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 09/30/2001 15:29:39
The NetBSD project is pleased to welcome six new developers:   

  - Stoned Elipot, <>, who has been helping with
    the NetBSD Packages Collection[1] by submitting many pkgsrc
    related PRs in the past.  He will be continuing his work in
    helping to improve pkgsrc.

  - Tetsuya Isaki, <>, who will be helping with
    NetBSD/x68k[2].  He is already working on some device drivers,
    and will be continuing with others later.

  - Martti Kuparinen, <>, who has been contributing
    many PRs for the NetBSD Packages Collection[1].  He will now be
    able to continue improving pkgsrc with direct commits.

  - Chris Pinnock, <>, who will be helping with htdocs,
    pkgsrc, and bulk-builds of binary packages.  Additionally, Chris
    also runs NetBSD www and ISO mirrors located in the UK, and has
    been helping out with NetBSD www-team tasks for a while now.

  - Tracy Di Marco White, <>, who will be helping
    with internal project maintenance tasks.

  - Someya Yoshihiko, <>, who will be working on
    miscellaneous device drivers, including drivers for PCI sound


Reed <>