Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 09/26/2001 14:48:34
Summary Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2001

[Apologies for the lateness of this summary, caused by too many
things eating my time up this month.  The full list of changes can
be found in the current-users mailing list - agc]

By my calculations, there were 2372 packages in the packages
collection at the beinning of September 2001, up from 2343 the
previous month.

On the infrastructure side, Hubert has added the LOCALPATCHES
definition to pkgsrc, so that local patches can be maintained outside
the pkgsrc hierarchy.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  abcde, bicom,
dfm, dynipclient, edb, feh, gfract, imlib2, various KDE utilities,
libmpeg3, mailserv, mp3_check, normalize, openslp, various perl5
utilities, pen, pkgconfig, ppmtoxvpic, python21, qmail and related
utilities, samba20, skipstone, vim-devel, some XMMS plugins, and

Notable uppdates include:  abiword-personal, amaya, arla, arpwatch,
avifile-devel, bind9-current, bonobo, bozohttpd, cdrecord, checkbot,
clusterit, cpuflags, cue, cups, curl, dvdview, easytag, eel,
evolution, exim, expat, freeciv and friends, gal, galeon, gb, GConf,
getmail, gkrellm, various gnome related packages, gnucash, gnumeric,
gqmpeg, gtkhtml, imlib, knews, kth-krb4, libnasl and nessus, libogg,
libvorbis, libxml and libxml2, lsof, mew, mozilla, namazu, ntp4,
various perl5 utilities, pgpdump, pkgchk, qvwm, racoon, rats,
readline, screen, sendmail, snort, squeak, stunnel, uvscan-dat,
verilog, windowmaker, xanim, xart, xcdroast, xdelta, xfig, xmame,
xsane, and zebra.

The Package of the Month award goes to ipw (pkgsrc/net/ipw), nominated
by David Brownlee, it being the tool you've always needed when trying
to resolve hostnames (either backwards or forwards).  I totally agree
with David on this one.  Honourable mention goes to dict-client,
nominated by Bill Squier, part of a client-server dictionary suite,
which can access DICT servers from the command line.

Alistair G. Crooks
Wed Sep 26 07:57:55 BST 2001