Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/14/2001 09:06:29
Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2001.

[For the full list of changes, please refer to the article on the mailing list. - agc]

By my calculations, there were 2343 packages in the NetBSD packages
collection on 1st August 2001. 106 packages were added in July,
which is a remarkable figure, and my thanks to everyone concerned.

In addition to more work on the buildlink feature of pkgsrc, David
Brownlee has added automatic OBJECT_FMT calculation for the myriad 1.3
users out there.  My thanks also to for all his fine
work with the new ruby packages.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  ap-aolserver,
ap-ruby, barcodes, bridged, buildlink-x11, cervisia2, cook, elm-me,
eog, flac, galeon, gphoto2, id3lib, impress, various Korean fonts,
lambd, lcc, logcheck, mailcrypt, netpipe, openacs, various Perl5
packages, pkgchk, plasma, prboom, various ruby packages, speedtouch
(thanks, David, from all the ADSL users in the UK), vmware, wmx-gnome,
xtail, yale-tftpd and yudit.

Notable packes updated include:  acs, adzap, afterstep, analog, asapm,
avifile-devel, base64, bind9, bonnie, buildlink-x11, camlp4, chasen,
communicator and navigator, cpuflags, digest, elm, ethereal, exim,
festival, fetchmail, fvwm2, galeon, gcc-ssp, gimp, gnapster, gnucash,
grap,gsl, horde, imp, inn, iozone, ircII, kannel, lambd, lame,
lesstif, libwww, links, logrot, mew, mhonarc, mozilla, mutt-devel,
mysql, nas, nhc98, ntp4, ocaml, openssl, various Perl 5 utilities,
par, pdflib, perl5, pkg_install, pkg_tarup, pkgchk, pkglint, popa3d,
qt2, R, samba, scheme48, scilab, SDL, sketch, squid, stunnel, swi-prolog,
t1lib, t1utils, tkcvs, vm, wget,wl, wv, xmame, xmcd, xpkgwedge, xpmroot,
and zsh.

The Package of the Month award goes to dmalloc, nominated by Jason
Thorpe.  To quote from its description file:

 "The debug memory allocation, or dmalloc, library has been designed
 as a drop-in replacement for the system's malloc(), realloc(),
 calloc(), free(), and other memory management routines while providing
 powerful debugging facilities configurable at run-time.  These
 facilities include such things as memory leak tracking, fence-post
 write detection, file/line number reporting, and general logging of

Honourable mention goes, once again, to screen, the pty multiplexer
and session manager program, nominated by Nigel Elgin

Alistair Crooks
Mon Aug 13 22:24:54 BST 2001