Subject: New developers
To: None <>
From: Reed Shadgett <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/08/2001 03:01:23
The NetBSD project is pleased to welcome three new developers:

  - Damon Brodie, <>, who has been helping with
    the NetBSD Packages Collection[1] for quite some time.  He
    has contributed many packages and PRs for pkgsrc, particularly
    regarding perl modules, X-10, and iButtons.

  - Takashi Hosokawa, <>, who works for
    Plat'Home CO., LTD.[2], a well-known UNIX system solution company
    in Tokyo, Japan.  At Plat'Home, Takashi has been engaged in
    developing OpenBlockS[3], a PowerPC 860 based micro server.
    With great affinity, he has finished a new port of NetBSD to
    the OpenBlockS micro server.  He will be working on integrating
    his new port into the NetBSD source tree, and will take on the
    role of NetBSD/openblocks port maintainer.  Takashi's other
    interests include X11 and internationalization.

  - Bang Jun-Young, <>, who will be continuing work
    on uwscons (universal wscons), a multilingual console driver for
    NetBSD.  More specifically, uwscons is an expansion to wscons
    (NetBSD's platform-independent workstation console driver), which
    allows for display of multilingual/encoding text.


Reed <>