Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 06/14/2001 14:31:19
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 2001

By my calculations, there were 2188 packages in the NetBSD Packages
collection on 1st June 2001, up from 2088 last month.

The 1.5.1 release is almost upon us, and, as usual, we froze pkgsrc
for new additions, and concentrated on our existing packages.  The
exit criteria from the freeze were for the number of "broken" packages
on the NetBSD/i386 1.5.1BETA bulk build was to be under 10, the
number of unclosed package-related PRs was to be under 100, no
"leftovers" except for configuration files were to be left, and our
internal check scripts were to show as few errors as possible.  A
"broken" package is defined as one which doesn't build, install or
de-install cleanly.  At the end, we had 0 "broken" packages on the
i386 bulk-build, (and only 40 on Alpha, with many thanks to Dan), we
were under 100 unclosed PRs for most of the freeze, and we managed to
get rid of all leftovers (and believe me, the last one was a tricky
one).  As ever, my thanks to everyone who made such a difference.  The
pkgsrc tree now has the netbsd-1-5-PATCH001 tag.

Notable additions (amongst the 100 last month) were:  a60, ap-dav,
biblook, bmake and mk-files, cadaver, cpuflags, dejagnu, doc2html,
dumpmpeg, dvi2tty, eel, efax, gauche, gcc-ssp, gle, gnome--, gnuboy,
groff, koncd, lq-sp, medusa, mpeg_encode, mytop, nano, neat, various
perl5 utilities, various php extensions, various postgresql modules,
py-akmCrypto, various Python modules, qvwm, rats, ripe-whois-tools,
rosegarden, rtf2html, sitecopy, some squirrelmail plugins, stripes,
szdd, texi2roff, ttyrec, twin, webnew, wmbiff, and xlHtml.

Notable updates include:  a2ps, abiword, analog, various apache
modules and apache itself, bind8, bind9, blackdown-jdk, bladeenc,
blender, boxhs, bonobo, cdrdao, coda5_server, cups, delegate, devtodo,
dinotrace, ethereal, evolution, expat, fetchmail and fetchmailconf,
fltk, fox, freeciv-client-gtk, frotz, fvwm2-current, g2, gal, gdcf,
gensolpkg, gftp, glu, glut, gnome-core, gnome-vfs, gnucash, gnupg,
gsl, horde, icecast, imp, jikes, joe, libiconv, libole2, libperl,
libtool (Hi Thor), libxml, lsof, lukemftpd, lyx, magicpoint, Mesa,
mew, mozilla, netatalk-asun, nqc, odbc-postgresql, openldap, openssh,
opera, ORBit, various perl 5 modules, pari, pcre, perl5, pgaccess,
pgpdump, php4 and extension modules, pilrc, pkgdiff, pkglint, png,
postfix, postgresql, pyxml, rtf-tools, samba, sendmail, smpeg, squeak,
swi-prolog, tcl and tk, ted and related dictionaries, tload, uae,
uvscan-dat, wget, windowmaker, xlockmore, xmame, and xmms.

The Package of the Month award goes (jointly) to kdebase2 for
konqueror, nominated by Matt Green, who thinks it is the best free web
browser - "it does everything, is fast, looks good, and has cool
features like 'disable' and java/javascript on a per
site/domain basis."  The second nomination was for dumpmpeg and
mpeg_encode, from Hubert Feyrer - "you hand mpeg_encode a bunch of
jpegs and a list of machine names.  It then sends a few frames to each
machine, checking how fast it is.  After that, it'll distribute load
on the machines according to that.  No user interaction needed."
Hubert would also like to thank his producer, director, agent, the
writers, the cast...  Coming soon to a multiplex near you.

Alistair G. Crooks (
Thu Jun 14 12:11:55 BST 2001