Subject: Summary of Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 04/09/2001 13:44:10
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2001

[For a complete list of changes, please refer to the list sent to
the current-users mailing list:

The complete list of changes is around 60 Kb long - agc]

By my calculations, there were 1992 packages in pkgsrc on 1st April
2001, up from 1871 last month.

Notable changes to the packages collection itself include:  support
for message digests other than md5 was added (i.e.  sha1, rmd160,
sha256, sha384, and sha512); modification of the pkg_install utilities
to return a version number, and modification of the way that an out of
date version of the pkg_install utilities was determined; and we
modified our BUILD_DEPENDS definitions so that it uses the same
mechanism as DEPENDS to work out if a package is installed or not.

My thanks to Thomas Klausner for closing over 120 package PRs in
March.  And, once again, you should all thank him too for all his hard

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  6tunnel,
apache-current, bbkeys, blackdown-jdk, citirx_ica, csound, disc-cover,
expat, freefonts, fvwm2-current, getmail, gmodplay, htmllint, i2ocfg,
ipv6calc, ispell-base and additional dictionaries, jakarta-servletapi,
various jpilot packages, kdevelop, kde2 and related packages,
octave-current, osf1_lib, numerous p5 utilities, pgpdump, some Python
utilities, s10sh, sharity-light (and the related removal of rumba),
sniff, various tcpd-related utilities, wsoundserver, xsqlmenu and

Notable updates include:  6to4, adzap, afterstep, apache and apache6,
ap-ssl, audit-packages, bfd-related utilities, bind9, bladeenc,
cervisia, clisp, cocoon, colorize, communicator and navigator, crafty
(a close runner up, better luck next time, Johnny), cups, dante,
ethereal, fetchmail, freerdist, fvwm2, gcombust, gif2png, glib, glu,
glut, gnome, gnucash, gnumeric, gtk, gtm, hercules, htmllint,
ipv6calc, jade, jakarta-ant, jakarta-tomcat, jpilot, kaffe, various
kde-related packages, lesstif, libao, libaudiofile, libnasl and
nessus, libtool, madplay, majordomo, Mesa, mew (the winner of the
mew-award for most-updated package in one month - for the second month
running - congratulations to jun), mgl, mozilla, mpich, mysql, ng,
ngrep, ns-flash, openssh, opera, various p5 utilities, php4-imap,
pgk_install, pkgdiff, pkglint, plplot, png, postfix, various Python
utilities, qt2 and related utilities, rp-pppoe, rpm2pkg, scanssh,
sdist, slrn, smtpfeed, squirrelmail, tcp_wrappers, tits, unproven
threads, ups-nut, uvscan, vm, windowmaker, www6to4, wwwoffle, xmame,
xpaint and xpmroot.

We bid farewell to crxvt (our rxvt package has this functionality),
ispell (replaced by ispell-base and individual langauge directories,
something I should have done long ago), p5-MD5, postfix-current,
rumba, tix, vorbis, and wmsound.

Package of the Month award:  I was inundated with suggestions - Thomas
Klausner nominated golddig, which contains fresh, unreleased code. 
Lex Wennmacher nominated the pkgsrc/net/arpwatch command, which he has
found indispensable for monitoring who's on his ethernet, and
immediately noticed a novice sysadmin's misconfiguration of new host
(duplicate IP address).  My own vote goes to Wolfgang Solfrank for his
work on the Hercules package (the S/370 emulator) - it is now at the
point where MVS can be run on NetBSD.  And finally, Matthias Scheler
nominated kde 2.1:  "It is a huge step for the NetBSD package
collection to support this new desktop and compared to the complexity
of this project the initial problems were quite small and have been
sorted out by Nick Hudson in the meantime."

Alistair G. Crooks (
Mon Apr  2 07:49:49 BST 2001