Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2000
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 11/06/2000 02:07:22
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in October 2000

Things are always hectic when pkgsrc comes out of a freeze - this
time, it's no different.

Since XFree86 4.0 now includes Mesa, we've implemented a USE_MESA
and a USE_GLX definition for pkgsrc Makefiles, so that any builtin
Mesa library is found automatically. This should ease the transition
to XFree86 4.0 when it happens.

If you don't take advantage of the audit-packages package (and if you
don't, why not?), then you'll have noticed exploits relating to:


For more information, please see the package vulnerabilities file,
or (preferably) install the audit-packages package.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  ap-php4,
blackdown jdk and jre, chimera2, civctp, eusdemo and heretic2-demo
(thanks, David), a staggering array of chess-related programs, books,
endings etc (thanks, Johnny), dante, dia, dvidvi, egd, gal, glu, glut,
gnome-objc, gq, hanterm, libavl, libcrack, lilypond, madplay,
maildrop, Mesa-lib, mp3check, mrt, nap, netris, ng, open motif, opera,
various perl 5 utilities, png2html, popt, qt2 (thanks, Nick),
smalltalk, tacacs, and xmountains.

Notable updates include:  apache (and ap-fastcgi and ap-ssl), arla,
audit-packages, balsa, blackbox, cdrdao, cocoon, communicator,
control-center, cvs, cyrus-sasl, darcnes, delegate, ebuilder, esound,
ethereal, fetchmail, glade, global, gnapster, gnome-applets, most of
gnome (thanks, Johnny), gnumeric, gnupg, jikes, lesstif, libgetopt,
libnasl and nessus (thanks, Thorsten), librep, libxml, lukemftp, Mesa,
mozilla, ncurses, nmap, ntop, oaf, ORBit, various perl 5 utilities,
postfix, ptl2, python (thanks, Ty), racoon, samba, sawfish, SDL,
squid, surfraw, texi2html, thttpd, tkicb, ucd-snmp, w3m, x3270,
xalan-j, xamp, xdm-krb4, xerces-j, xpkgwedge (thanks once again,
Johnny), xview, zebra, zip and zope.

Package of the Month:  madplay, (pkgsrc/audio/madplay) nominated by
Simon Burge, Thomas Klausner and others, because its playback of mp3s
is definitely audibly superior to other mp3 players.

Alistair G. Crooks (
Fri Nov  3 07:56:59 GMT 2000

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection Infratrsucture
======================================================== Introduce USE_MESA and USE_GLX to support XFree86 4.0's
		builtin Mesa library [rh 2000-10-15] Allow "DEPENDS_TARGET=update" for recursive update of
		outdated prerequisite packages.  Introduce new
		UPDATE_TARGET variable to handle this [rh 2000-10-22]

Packages added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added ap-php4-4.0.1pl2 [jdolecek 2000-10-25]
Path: www/ap-php4
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4: Hypertext Preprocessor (Apache module)

	Added biew-5.2.0 [mjl 2000-10-30]
Path: editors/biew
Package URL:
Comment: Binary viewer/editor

	Added blackdown-jdk-1.2.2 [tv 2000-10-16]
Path: lang/blackdown-jdk12
Package URL:
Comment: Sun's Java(tm) Development Kit 1.2.2

	Added blackdown-jre-1.2.2 [tv 2000-10-16]
Path: lang/blackdown-jre12
Package URL:
Comment: Sun's Java(tm) Runtime Environment 1.2.2

	Added c++-rt0-1.0 to fix -fpic/PIC lossage on 1.4/sparc 
		[hubertf 2000-10-04]
Path: sysutils/c++rt0
Package URL:
Comment: 1.4.x/sparc PIC c++rt0.o file

	Added calamaris-2.39 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: www/calamaris
Package URL:
Comment: squid logfile analyzer

	Added chimera-2.0a19 [fredb 2000-10-19]
Path: www/chimera
Package URL:
Comment: World Wide Web Browser for X Windows

	Added civctp-demo-1.0 [abs 2000-10-16]
Path: games/civctp-demo
Package URL:
Comment: Civilization: Call to Power - graphical strategy (linux demo)

	Added colchess-7.0 [jlam 2000-10-24]
Path: games/colchess
Package URL:
Comment: chess analysis engine

	Added colchess-book-colchess-7.0 [jlam 2000-10-24]
Path: games/colchess-book-colchess
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for ColChess (default)

	Added colchess-book-large-20000512 [jlam 2000-10-24]
Path: games/colchess-book-large
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for ColChess (large)

	Added crafty-17.13 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty
Package URL:
Comment: chess engine

	Added crafty-book-enormous-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty-book-enormous
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for Crafty (enormous)

	Added crafty-book-large-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty-book-large
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for Crafty (large)

	Added crafty-book-medium-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty-book-medium
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for Crafty (medium)

	Added crafty-book-small-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty-book-small
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for Crafty (small)

	Added crafty-doc-17.0 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/crafty-doc
Package URL:
Comment: documentation for Crafty chess engine

	Added cs4235-20001009 [hubertf 2000-10-17]
Path: audio/cs4235
Package URL:
Comment: Modifies the 3D mode on Crystal CS4235 sound cards

	Added dante-1.1.4 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: net/dante
Package URL:
Comment: BSD-licensed socks 4/5 proxy suite

	Added denemo-0.5.4 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: graphics/denemo
Package URL:
Comment: GUI musical score editor written in C/gtk+

	Added detex-2.7 [itojun 2000-10-18]
Path: textproc/detex
Package URL:
Comment: remove LaTeX commands

	Added dia-0.86 [hubertf 2000-10-17]
Path: graphics/dia
Package URL:
Comment: program for creating diagrams of all kinds

	Added dmake-4.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/dmake
Package URL:
Comment: portable make supported by many platforms

	Added dvidvi-1.0 [wiz 2000-10-27]
Path: print/dvidvi
Package URL:
Comment: select and/or rearrange pages in a TeX dvi file

	Added eagle-3.92r0 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: cad/eagle
Package URL:
Comment: easy to use printed circuit board editor

	Added egd-0.8 [itojun 2000-10-15]
Path: security/egd
Package URL:
Comment: EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon

	Added eus-demo-1.0 [abs 2000-10-16]
Path: games/eus-demo
Package URL:
Comment: Eric's Ultimate Solitaire (linux demo)

	Added exchess-3.14 [jlam 2000-10-25]
Path: games/exchess
Package URL:
Comment: experimental chess engine

	Added exchess-book-medium-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-25]
Path: games/exchess-book-medium
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for EXchess (medium)

	Added exchess-book-small-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-25]
Path: games/exchess-book-small
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for EXchess (small)

	Added fix4SA110rev2-1.0 [abs 2000-10-17]
Path: sysutils/fix4SA110rev2
Package URL:
Comment: Modify arm32 binaries to work around SA rev2 problems

	Added freeciv-manual- [wiz 2000-10-30]
Path: games/freeciv-manual
Package URL:
Comment: manuals for freeciv (game, client, and server)

	Added gal-0.1 [rh 2000-10-17]
Path: devel/gal
Package URL:
Comment: Gnome Application Libraries

	Added gb-0.0.12 [rh 2000-10-17]
Path: lang/gb
Package URL:
Comment: Basic for Gnome

	Added glu-3.2.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: graphics/glu
Package URL:
Comment: GLU polygon tesselation facility for Mesa

	Added glut-3.2.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: graphics/glut
Package URL:
Comment: GLUT Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL

	Added gnome-objc-1.0.40 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/gnome-objc
Package URL:
Comment: Objective C API for gnome and gtk

	Added gnuchess-book-chess-5.00 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/gnuchess-book-chess
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for GNU Chess (default)

	Added gnuchess-book-medium-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/gnuchess-book-medium
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for GNU Chess (medium)

	Added gnuchess-book-small-20000511 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/gnuchess-book-small
Package URL:
Comment: chess opening book for GNU Chess (small)

	Added gq-0.3.0 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: databases/gq
Package URL:
Comment: GTK-based LDAP client

	Added gtk+extra-0.99.11 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: x11/gtk+extra
Package URL:
Comment: useful set of GTK+ widgets for creating GUIs

	Added hanterm-3.1.3 [itojun 2000-10-30]
Path: x11/hanterm
Package URL:
Comment: X11R6-based xterm hacked for managing Korean languages

	Added heretic2-demo-2.0 [abs 2000-10-16]
Path: games/heretic2-demo
Package URL:
Comment: Heretic2 - first person Quake 3D engine based (linux demo)

	Added ispman-0.5 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: net/ispman
Package URL:
Comment: ISP management software written in perl

	Added java-lang-spec-2.0 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: lang/java-lang-spec
Package URL:
Comment: The Java(TM) Language Specification (HTML)

	Added java-vm-spec-2.0 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: lang/java-vm-spec
Package URL:
Comment: The Java(TM) Virtual Machine Specification (HTML)

	Added jbuilder-jit-1.2.15 [tv 2000-10-16]
Path: lang/jbuilder-jit
Package URL:
Comment: Just-In-Time compiler for Linux Java Virtual Machine

	Added jlib-1.0.6 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/jlib
Package URL:
Comment: library of C++ utility classes

	Added knightcap-3.6nb1 [jlam 2000-10-15]
Path: games/knightcap
Package URL:
Comment: chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard

	Added knightcap-brain-19980616 [jlam 2000-10-15]
Path: games/knightcap-brain
Package URL:
Comment: book of losing moves for KnightCap

	Added kpsql-1.0 [wulf 2000-10-15]
Path: databases/kpsql
Package URL:
Comment: Interactive Query Tool for PostgreSQL

	Added ksc5601fonts-20001029 [itojun 2000-10-29]
Path: fonts/ksc5601fonts
Package URL:
Comment: X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard

	Added lbreakout-001018 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: games/lbreakout
Package URL:
Comment: breakout-style arcade game

	Added libavl-1.4.0 [mjl 2000-10-27]
Path: devel/libavl
Package URL:
Comment: library for manipulation of balanced binary trees

	Added libcrack-2.7 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: security/libcrack
Package URL:
Comment: password checking library

	Added libpspell-0.11.2 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: textproc/libpspell
Package URL:
Comment: generic interface to spell checker libraries

	Added lilypond-1.3.86 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: print/lilypond
Package URL:
Comment: GNU Music Typesetter

	Added madplay-0.11.4b [simonb 2000-10-15]
Path: audio/madplay
Package URL:
Comment: High-quality MPEG audio decoder

	Added maildrop-1.2.2 [rh 2000-10-23]
Path: mail/maildrop
Package URL:
Comment: mail delivery agent with filtering abilities

	Added MesaLib-3.2.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: graphics/MesaLib
Package URL:
Comment: Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL

	Added mp3check-0.5.2 [tron 2000-10-15]
Path: audio/mp3check
Package URL:
Comment: Check MP3 files for consistency

	Added mrt-2.2.2a.20000811 [itojun 2000-10-15]
Path: net/mrt
Package URL:
Comment: Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit

	Added nap-1.4.3 [tron 2000-10-17]
Path: net/nap
Package URL:
Comment: Terminal based Napster client similar to ircII

	Added netris-0.5 [wiz 2000-10-29]
Path: games/netris
Package URL:
Comment: Everybody's darling T*tris in a networked version

	Added ng-1.4 [hubertf 2000-10-20]
Path: editors/ng
Package URL:
Comment: Very light Emacs-clone with japanese support

	Added openmotif-2.1.30 [mjl 2000-10-29]
Path: x11/openmotif
Package URL:
Comment: Open Motif

	Added opera-4.0b2 [tron 2000-10-27]
Path: www/opera
Package URL:
Comment: Small, fast and customizable WWW client

	Added p5-CGI-Application-1.2 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-CGI-Application
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to create sophisticated, reusable web-based applications

	Added p5-DBD-CSV-0.1022 [mjl 2000-10-23]
Path: databases/p5-DBD-CSV
Package URL:
Comment: Access CSV files via DBI

	Added p5-DBD-Sybase-0.23 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: databases/p5-DBD-Sybase
Package URL:
Comment: perl DBI/DBD driver for Sybase/MS-SQL databases

	Added p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter-0.03 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for pretty-printing HTML

	Added p5-HTML-Table-1.04 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Table
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to simplify creating HTML tables

	Added p5-HTML-Template-2.0 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Template
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to create HTML templates by extending HTML with simple tags

	Added p5-HTML-Tree-3.04 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Tree
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 modules for manipulating HTML syntax trees

	Added p5-IMAP-Admin-1.3.7 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: mail/p5-IMAP-Admin
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for administration of RFC-2060 IMAP servers

	Added p5-ispman-0.5 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: net/p5-ispman
Package URL:
Comment: Perl module for ISPMan webAdministrator and command line utils

	Added p5-Net-TFTP-0.10 [jwise 2000-10-20]
Path: net/p5-Net-TFTP
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for TFTP transfers

	Added p5-perl-headers [jlam 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/p5-perl-headers
Package URL:
Comment: Perl header files

	Added p5-SHA-1.2 [itojun 2000-10-15]
Path: security/p5-SHA
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 interface to the SHA1 algorithm

	Added p5-SQL-Statement-0.1016 [mjl 2000-10-23]
Path: databases/p5-SQL-Statement
Package URL:
Comment: small, abstract SQL engine

	Added p5-Text-CSV_XS-0.20 [mjl 2000-10-23]
Path: textproc/p5-Text-CSV_XS
Package URL:
Comment: Routines for composition and decomposition of comma-separated values

	Added p5-Text-Template-1.23 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: textproc/p5-Text-Template
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 library for generating form letters

	Added PAM-0.72 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: security/PAM
Package URL:
Comment: Pluggable Authentication Modules

	Added pam-ldap-77 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: security/pam-ldap
Package URL:
Comment: pluggable authentication module for LDAP directories

	Added png2html-1.1 [hubertf 2000-10-23]
Path: graphics/png2html
Package URL:
Comment: Takes a PNG image and transforms it to a web page

	Added popt-1.2 [wennmach 2000-10-31]
Path: devel/popt
Package URL:
Comment: Command line option parsing library

	Added py-ldap-1.10a3 [tsarna 2000-10-25]
Path: databases/py-ldap
Package URL:
Comment: LDAP client API for Python

	Added qt2 package [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/qt2
Package URL:
Comment: "meta-package" for the QT GUI C++ toolkit

	Added qt2-designer-2.2.1 package [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/qt2-designer
Package URL:
Comment: Visual (WYSIWYG) QT GUI builder

	Added qt2-docs-2.2.1 package [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/qt2-docs
Package URL:
Comment: Documentation for the QT C++ X GUI toolkit

	Added qt2-libs-2.2.1 package [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/qt2-libs
Package URL:
Comment: C++ X GUI toolkit

	Added sawfish-replibs-0.32 [jlam 2000-10-29]
Path: x11/sawfish-replibs
Package URL:
Comment: librep Lisp libraries for sawfish

	Added smalltalk-1.8.2 [agc 2000-10-23]
Path: lang/smalltalk
Package URL:
Comment: the GNU implementation of the Smalltalk-80 language

	Added smpeg-0.4.1 [wulf 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/smpeg
Package URL:
Comment: SDL MPEG Player Library

	Added ssldump-0.9a2 [hubertf 2000-10-31]
Path: security/ssldump
Package URL:
Comment: SLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer

	Added stow-1.3.2 [agc 2000-10-23]
Path: sysutils/stow
Package URL:
Comment: Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them

	Added suse_libjpeg-6.4, needed for Opera [hubertf 2000-10-20]
Path: emulators/suse_libjpeg
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package for jpeg binary

	Added sysgen-1.0 [abs 2000-10-19]
Path: sysutils/sysgen
Package URL:
Comment: assign DEC Qbus or UNIBUS standard CSR and vector addresses

	Added tacacs-4.0.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: net/tacacs
Package URL:
Comment: Cisco authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol daemon

	Added tnef-0.14.1 [rh 2000-10-23]
Path: mail/tnef
Package URL:
Comment: decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments

	Added txt2html-1.28 [wennmach 2000-10-20]
Path: converters/txt2html
Package URL:
Comment: Text to HTML converter

	Added untex-1.3 [itojun 2000-10-18]
Path: textproc/untex
Package URL:
Comment: remove LaTeX commands

	Added vidc-tools-1.0 [abs 2000-10-19]
Path: sysutils/vidc-tools
Package URL:
Comment: Tools for the VIDC console used by NetBSD/arm32 on RiscPC

	Added xbreaky-0.0.4 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: games/xbreaky
Package URL:
Comment: breakout game for X11

	Added xmountains-2.5 [fredb 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/xmountains
Package URL:
Comment: fractal terrain generator

Updates to packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated amavis to 0.2.1p3 [rh 2000-10-23]
Path: security/amavis
Package URL:
Comment: mail virus scanner

	Updated analog 4.13 [tron 2000-10-27]
Path: www/analog
Package URL:
Comment: Extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles

	Updated apache to 1.3.14 [jlam 2000-10-13]
	Updated apache to [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: www/apache
Package URL:
Comment: The Apache web server (

	Updated ap-fastcgi to 2.2.8 [mjl 2000-10-26]
Path: www/ap-fastcgi
Package URL:
Comment: New, improved CGI-like interface module for Apache

	Updated ap-ssl to 2.7.0 [jlam 2000-10-13]
	Updated ap-ssl to 2.7.1 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: www/ap-ssl
Package URL:
Comment: Secure Sockets Layer module for Apache

	Updated arla to 0.34.5 [wennmach 2000-10-18]
Path: net/arla
Package URL:
Comment: Free AFS implementation from KTH

	Updated audit-packages to 1.1 [abs 2000-10-02]
Path: security/audit-packages
Package URL:
Comment: tools to show vulnerabilities in installed packages

	Updated balsa to 1.0p3 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: mail/balsa
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME EMail client

	Updated blackbox to 0.61.1 [pooka 2000-10-25]
Path: x11/blackbox
Package URL:
Comment: small and fast X11R6 window manager

	Updated cdrdao to 1.1.4 [rh 2000-10-18]
Path: sysutils/cdrdao
Package URL:
Comment: Records audio or data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode

	Updated cfengine to 1.5.3nb3 [abs 2000-10-02]
Path: sysutils/cfengine
Package URL:
Comment: Automate configuration and administration of large systems

	Updated cocoon to 1.8 [jwise 2000-10-19]
Path: www/cocoon
Package URL:
Comment: the Apache Project's XML/XSL based web publishing system

	Updated communicator to 4.76 [tron 2000-10-27]
Path: www/communicator
Package URL:
Comment: Netscape communicator complete install - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated control-center to 1.2.2 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/controlcenter
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME control-center development library

	Updated cvs to 1.11 [hubertf 2000-10-18]
	Updated cvs to 1.11nb1 [wiz 2000-10-21]
Path: devel/cvs
Package URL:
Comment: Concurrent Versions System

	Updated cyrus-sasl to to 1.5.24nb1 [rh 2000-10-25]
Path: security/cyrus-sasl
Package URL:
Comment: SASL Library

	Updated darcnes to 20001011 [wiz 2000-10-29]
Path: emulators/darcnes
Package URL:
Comment: multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Updated delegate to 6.1.18 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: net/delegate
Package URL:
Comment: General purpose TCP/IP proxy system

	Updated ebuilder to 0.56d [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/ebuilder
Package URL:
Comment: GUI builder for the Qt library

	Updated esound to 0.2.20 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: audio/esound
Package URL:
Comment: the Enlightened sound daemon

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.13 [mjl 2000-10-28]
Path: net/ethereal
Package URL:
Comment: Network protocol analyzer

	Updated fd to 1.03o [hubertf 2000-10-19]
Path: misc/fd
Package URL:
Comment: File and directory management tool

	Updated fetchmail to 5.5.3 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.5.5 [frueauf 2000-10-29]
Path: mail/fetchmail
Package URL:
Comment: batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.5.3 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.5.5 [frueauf 2000-10-29]
Path: mail/fetchmailconf
Package URL:
Comment: Configuration tool for fetchmail

	Updated fop to 0.13.0 [jwise 2000-10-19]
Path: textproc/fop
Package URL:
Comment: the Apache Project's XSL Formatting Objects implementation

	Updated gal to 0.2 [rh 2000-10-21]
Path: devel/gal
Package URL:
Comment: Gnome Application Libraries

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.35 [rh 2000-10-15]
	Updated gcombust to 0.1.36 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: sysutils/gcombust
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated gdk-pixbuf to 0.9.0 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: graphics/gdk-pixbuf
Package URL:
Comment: the GNOME image loading library

	Updated glade to 0.5.11 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/glade
Package URL:
Comment: User interface builder for GTK+

	Updated global to 4.0.1 [abs 2000-10-09]
Path: devel/global
Package URL:
Comment: Source code tag system including web browser output

	Updated gmc to 4.5.51 [jlam 2000-10-19]
Path: sysutils/gmc
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME version of Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated gnapster to 1.3.12 [tron 2000-10-15]
	Updated gnapster to 1.4.0 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: net/gnapster
Package URL:
Comment: simple client for the online mp3 community

	Updated gnome-applets to 1.2.2 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/gnome-applets
Package URL:
Comment: Applets for GNOME

	Updated gnome-core to [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/gnome-core
Package URL:
Comment: Base component of GNU Network Object Management Environment

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.2.5 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/gnome-libs
Package URL:
Comment: Libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-print to 0.23 [rh 2000-10-15]
	Updated gnome-print to 0.24 [rh 2000-10-17]
Path: print/gnome-print
Package URL:
Comment: Prototype implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

	Updated gnuchess to 5.00nb1, to allow creating building of opening
		books in user-specified locations, and to remove installation
		of default book.  See games/gnuchess-book-* for chess opening
		books for GNU chess 5.00. [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/gnuchess
Package URL:
Comment: GNU chess engine

	Updated gnumeric to 0.56nb1 [rh 2000-10-15]
	Updated gnumeric to 0.57 [rh 2000-10-17]
Path: math/gnumeric
Package URL:
Comment: Powerful and easy to use spreadsheet program from the GNOME project

	Updated gnupg to 1.0.3 [itojun 2000-10-11]
Path: security/gnupg
Package URL:
Comment: Privacy Guard, a public-Key encryption and digital signature utility

	Updated gtkdiff to 1.6.0 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: devel/gtkdiff
Package URL:
Comment: diff front-end program using GNOME

	Updated gtk-engines to 0.10 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: x11/gtk-engines
Package URL:
Comment: Theme engines for GTK+

	Updated if-psprint to 1.1 [abs 2000-10-17]
Path: print/if-psprint
Package URL:
Comment: Filter to print text or postscript to arbitrary printer, can use smb

	Updated irrd to to fix Y2K issues [kim 2000-10-07]
Path: net/irrd
Package URL:
Comment: Internet Routing Registry Daemon

	Updated jikes to 1.12 [tv 2000-10-16]
Path: lang/jikes
Package URL:
Comment: Java source to byte-code compiler

	Updated lavaps to 1.15 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: sysutils/lavaps
Package URL:
Comment: Lava lamp of currently running processes

	Updated lesstif to 0.91.8 [jlam 2000-10-23]
Path: x11/lesstif
Package URL:
Comment: API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit

	Updated lesstif12 to 0.91.8 [jlam 2000-10-23]
Path: x11/lesstif12
Package URL:
Comment: API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit, version 1.2

	Updated libaudiofile to 0.1.10 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: audio/libaudiofile
Package URL:
Comment: Sound library for SGI audio file

	Updated libgetopt to 1.2 [wiz 2000-10-18]
	Updated libgetopt to 1.3 [wiz 2000-10-18]
Path: devel/libgetopt
Package URL:
Comment: Library for handling --long options

	Updated libglade to 0.14 [rh 2000-10-17]
Path: devel/libglade
Package URL:
Comment: Runtime interpreter for GLADE gui files

	Updated libnasl to 1.0.5 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
Path: security/libnasl
Package URL:
Comment: Nessus Attack Scripting Language library

	Updated librep to 0.13.2 [jlam 2000-10-27]
Path: lang/librep
Package URL:
Comment: Emacs Lisp-like runtime library, interpreter, compiler and VM

	Updated libsidplay to 1.36.45 [pooka 2000-10-25]
Path: audio/libsidplay
Package URL:
Comment: Sidplay Library

	Updated libxml to 0.8.10 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: textproc/libxml
Package URL:
Comment: XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project

	Updated lukemftp to 1.5 [agc 2000-10-27]
Path: net/lukemftp
Package URL:
Comment: the enhanced ftp client in NetBSD

	Updated lynx-current to 2.8.4dev10 [fredb 2000-10-18]
Path: www/lynx-current
Package URL:
Comment: Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client

	Updated mc to 4.5.51 [jlam 2000-10-19]
Path: sysutils/mc
Package URL:
Comment: Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated Mesa to 3.2.1 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: graphics/Mesa
Package URL:
Comment: Graphics library meta package, similar to SGI's OpenGL

	Updated mozilla to milestone 18 [martin 2000-10-14]
Path: www/mozilla
Package URL:
Comment: The open-source version of the Netscape browser

	Updated navigator to 4.76 [tron 2000-10-27]
Path: www/navigator
Package URL:
Comment: Netscape navigator standalone browser - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated ncurses to 5.1 [jlam 2000-10-12]
Path: devel/ncurses
Package URL:
Comment: CRT screen handling and optimization package

	Updated nessus to 1.0.5 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
Path: security/nessus
Package URL:
Comment: The Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-core to 1.0.5 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
Path: security/nessus-core
Package URL:
Comment: Core module of the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-libraries to 1.0.5 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
Path: security/nessus-libraries
Package URL:
Comment: Libs required by the Nessus Network security scanner

	Updated nessus-plugins to 1.0.5 [frueauf 2000-10-15]
Path: security/nessus-plugins
Package URL:
Comment: Plugins for the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nmap-2.53 to deal with our DLT_PPP_* types, making it work
		for PPP links again. [hubertf 2000-10-08]
Path: net/nmap
Package URL:
Comment: Network/port scanner with OS detection

	Updated ntop to 1.1nb1 [abs 2000-10-20]
Path: net/ntop
Package URL:
Comment: shows network usage (similar to "top" for processes)

	Updated oaf to 0.6.0 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: devel/oaf
Package URL:
Comment: new object activation framework for GNOME

	Updated ORBit to 0.5.4 [jlam 2000-10-17]
Path: net/ORBit
Package URL:
Comment: high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language

	Updated p5-CGI to 2.74 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-CGI
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs

	Updated p5-Digest-MD5 to 2.12 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: security/p5-Digest-MD5
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 extension interface for various message digest algorithms

	Updated p5-FCGI to 0.55 [mjl 2000-10-30]
Path: www/p5-FCGI
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 library for FastCGI, a fast startup alternative to CGI

	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.13 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Parser
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to parse HTML text documents

	Updated p5-HTML-Tagset to 3.02 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Tagset
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module of data tables useful in parsing HTML

	Updated p5-IO-stringy to 1.216 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: devel/p5-IO-stringy
Package URL:
Comment: Perl class for I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays

	Updated p5-perl-ldap to 0.22 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: databases/p5-perl-ldap
Package URL:
Comment: Perl class to access LDAP servers

	Updated pkglint to 2.26 [abs 2000-10-02]
	Updated pkglint to 2.27 [abs 2000-10-05]
	Updated pkglint to 2.28 [abs 2000-10-12]
	Updated pkglint to 2.29 [abs 2000-10-20]
Path: pkgtools/pkglint
Package URL:
Comment: Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated plib to 1.2.0 [rh 2000-10-15]
Path: games/plib
Package URL:
Comment: libraries for writing portable games/realtime interactive apps

	Updated postfix-current to 20001005 [itojun 2000-10-15]
Path: mail/postfix-current
Package URL:
Comment: postfix smtp server and tools

	Updated ptl2 to 2.1.6 [msaitoh 2000-10-31]
Path: devel/ptl2
Package URL:
Comment: Portable user-level Thread Library 2 written by Kota Abe

	Updated python to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: lang/python
Package URL:
Comment: Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

	Updated py-curses  to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: devel/py-curses
Package URL:
Comment: Enhanced curses module for Python

	Updated py-dtml to 2.2.2 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: textproc/py-dtml
Package URL:
Comment: DTML and StructuredText from Zope, also independently useful

	Updated py-extclass to 2.2.2 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: lang/py-extclass
Package URL:
Comment: Python-extensible C "classes" and Acquisition for Python

	Updated py-gdbm to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: databases/py-gdbm
Package URL:
Comment: Python interface to gdbm - GNU database manager

	Updated py-html-docs to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: lang/py-html-docs
Package URL:
Comment: HTML Documentation for Python

	Updated py-pcgi to 2.2.2 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: www/py-pcgi
Package URL:
Comment: Persistent CGI system for Zope and other ZPublisher applications

	Updated py-readline to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: misc/py-readline
Package URL:
Comment: line editing support for Python

	Updated py-reportlab to 1.01 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: print/py-reportlab
Package URL:
Comment: powerful PDF-generating toolkit for Python

	Updated py-Tk to 2.0 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: x11/py-Tk
Package URL:
Comment: Tkinter -- Python interface to Tcl/Tk

	Updated py-zpublisher to 2.2.2 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: www/py-zpublisher
Package URL:
Comment: The Zope ORB. Publishes a collection of Python objects as Web resources.

	Updated qtarch to 2.1 [skrll 2000-10-19]
Path: x11/qtarch
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical dialog editor for the Qt widget set

	Updated racoon to 20001004a [itojun 2000-10-04]
	Updated racoon to 20001010a [itojun 2000-10-10]
Path: security/racoon
Package URL:
Comment: KAME racoon IKE daemon

	Updated rep-gtk to 0.14 [jlam 2000-10-27]
Path: x11/rep-gtk
Package URL:
Comment: librep bindings for gtk (used by sawmill)

	Updated roller to 1.5 [kim 2000-10-13]
	Updated roller to 1.6 [kim 2000-10-29]
Path: sysutils/roller
Package URL:
Comment: roll log files

	Updated samba to [kei 2000-10-07]
Path: net/samba
Package URL:
Comment: SMB/CIFS protocol server suite for UNIX

	Updated sawfish to 0.32 [jlam 2000-10-27]
Path: x11/sawfish
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME-aware window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp

	Updated SDL to 1.1.5 [wulf 2000-10-15]
	Updated SDL to 1.1.5nb1 [rh 2000-10-22]
Path: devel/SDL
Package URL:
Comment: Simple DirectMedia Layer, a cross-platform multimedia library

	Updated sendmail to 8.11.1 [itojun 2000-10-15]
Path: mail/sendmail
Package URL:
Comment: The well known Mail Transport Agent

	Updated squid to 2.3stable4 [veego 2000-10-15]
Path: www/squid
Package URL:
Comment: Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated surfraw to 1.0.2 [jlam 2000-10-31]
Path: www/surfraw
Package URL:
Comment: Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web

	Updated texi2html to 1.64 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: textproc/texi2html
Package URL:
Comment: Texinfo-to-HTML direct translator

	Updated thttpd to 2.20b.  note that security advisory was issued for
		2.19 and older. [itojun 2000-10-28]
Path: www/thttpd
Package URL:
Comment: tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server

	Updated tkicb to 2.1.4nb1 [dmcmahill 2000-10-20]
Path: net/tkicb
Package URL:
Comment: TK interface to the ICB chat system

	Updated tnef to 0.15 [jwise 2000-10-27]
Path: mail/tnef
Package URL:
Comment: decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments

	Updated ucd-snmp to 4.1.2 [kim 2000-10-13]
Path: net/ucd-snmp
Package URL:
Comment: Extensible SNMP implementation

	Updated urlget to 1.3 [kim 2000-10-14]
Path: www/urlget
Package URL:
Comment: simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL

	Updated uvscan-dat to 4100 [rh 2000-10-23]
Path: security/uvscan-dat
Package URL:
Comment: AntiVirus DAT file for uvscan

	Updated verilog-current to 20001021 [dmcmahill 2000-10-27]
Path: cad/verilog-current
Package URL:
Comment: Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (development snapshot version)

	Updated w3m to 0.1.10.pre11 [itojun 2000-10-14]
Path: www/w3m
Package URL:
Comment: Terminal-based WWW browser with HTML tables and frames support

	Updated webalizer to 2.01.06 [mjl 2000-10-18]
Path: www/webalizer
Package URL:
Comment: Web server log file analysis program

	Updated wmmail to 0.64 [tron 2000-10-15]
Path: mail/wmmail
Package URL:
Comment: xbiff like "mail-checker" for WindowMaker

	Updated wv to 0.6.0 [rh 2000-10-16]
Path: converters/wv
Package URL:
Comment: Microsoft Word 6, 7, and 8 (95/97/2000) doc to HTML/LaTeX converter

	Updated x3270 to 3.2.13 [mjl 2000-10-30]
Path: x11/x3270
Package URL:
Comment: 3270 Terminal emulator

	Updated xalan-j to 1.2 [jwise 2000-10-19]
Path: textproc/xalan-j
Package URL:
Comment: the Apache Project's XSLT implementation

	Updated xamp to 0.8.10 [rh 2000-10-18]
Path: audio/xamp
Package URL:
Comment: Version of amp (stands for `Audio Mpeg Player') plus a Qt GUI

	Updated xboard to 4.1.0 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: games/xboard
Package URL:
Comment: graphical frontend for GNU Chess, Crafty, ICS or e-mail chess

	Updated xdm-krb4 to [wennmach 2000-10-12]
Path: security/xdm-krb4
Package URL:
Comment: Kerberos IV and AFS aware xdm

	Updated xerces-j to 1.2 [jwise 2000-10-19]
Path: textproc/xerces-j
Package URL:
Comment: the Apache Project's validating XML parser with DOM and SAX support

	Updated xfce to 3.5.2 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: x11/xfce
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight desktop environment with a look and feel similar to CDE

	Updated xlispstat to 3.52.18 [jlam 2000-10-14]
Path: math/xlispstat
Package URL:
Comment: Statistics/X11-based LISP interpreter

	Updated xmradio to 1.0b1 [tron 2000-10-20]
Path: audio/xmradio
Package URL:
Comment: Radio applicaton for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards

	Updated xpkgwedge to 1.0 [jlam 2000-10-23]
Path: pkgtools/xpkgwedge
Package URL:
Comment: allows X11 pkgs to be built and used outside of /usr/X11R6

	Updated xsidplay to 1.5.4 [pooka 2000-10-29]
Path: audio/xsidplay
Package URL:
Comment: Commdore 64 music player and SID chip emulator for X11

	Updated xview-config to 3.2.1nb2 [jlam 2000-10-23]
Path: x11/xview-config
Package URL:
Comment: OpenLook Toolkit config files

	Updated xview-lib to 3.2.1nb2 [jlam 2000-10-23]
Path: x11/xview-lib
Package URL:
Comment: OpenLook Toolkit libs, includes, and man pages

	Updated zebra to 0.89 [itojun 2000-10-13]
	Updated zebra to 0.89a [itojun 2000-10-29]
Path: net/zebra
Package URL:
Comment: Free multithreaded routing daemon software

	Updated zip to 2.3nb1 [wiz 2000-10-21]
Path: archivers/zip
Package URL:
Comment: Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip

	Updated zope to 2.2.2 [tsarna 2000-10-22]
Path: www/zope
Package URL:
Comment: Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment

Packages removed from the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed cvs-current package [wiz 2000-10-21]
	- superceded by the cvs package