Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2000
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 09/12/2000 14:33:24
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in August 2000

Firstly, please note that I have added extra fields under the
description of each change below.  This was done to try to help people
try out new packages, to provide more information, and to provide a
pointer to the HTML description on  I'm well aware
that this adds extra bulk to this announcement, so please provide me
with feedback if you feel that the extra bulk is or is not worth it,
or with what you would like to see instead, or in addition.

Next, please note that security vulnerabilities have been found in the
following packages:  mgetty+sendfax, netscape communicator and
navigator (the Java exploit, not last month's jpeg overflow), xchat,
esound, screen, glib and xpdf.

In NetBSD packages land, we've called a freeze to new functionality
being added to pkgsrc until we feel that pkgsrc is stable enough to
tag it for the next release. This took effect on the 1st September 2000,
and probably accounts for the number of packages added to the Packages

I'd like to thank three developers in particular for some marvellous
work which they have done: Thomas Klausner, for moving away from our
customised pkglibtool onto the standard libtool; Jim Wise, for upgrading
the tcl and tk packages to 8.2.3, and also for making all their dependents
work with the new versions; and Johnny Lam, for upgrading the Perl 5
package to 5.6.0, and for upgrading all the p5 packages to work with
the new version. These guys did a marvellous job, and if they are ever
in your vicinity, please buy them a beverage of their choice.

The packages collection infrastructure has been modified to deal with
lzh files automatically, to add support for
NO_{SRC,BIN}_ON_{FTP,CDROM} definitions which supercede the old
NO_CDROM and MIRROR_DISTFILES definitions, and a new USE_XPM
definition has been added, so that XFree86 4.0's included library is
found, as appropriate.

And finally, significant additions to the packages collection include: 
argtable, arpd, awka, cmdline, cyrus imapd and sasl, ddclient, dsniff,
e2fsrogs, fbm, flashplayer, flwm, GConf, gogo, gtkhtml, kicq,
libflash, libnids, libperl, libunicode, ns-plugger functionality,
various p5 packages, the latest postfix distribution, pwlib,
py-reportlab, a Japanese version of samba, surfraw (so good it was
added twice), suse_audio, tcl-xml and tcl-dom, tcpillust, trafshow,
wordperfect and yorick.

Notable updates to the packages collection include:  abiword, ap-dtcl,
ap-perl, apache6, apcupsd, arla, balsa, bind9, bluefish, bonobo,
boost, bozohttpd, coda, netscape, dhid, esound, ethereal, fetchmail,
freeciv, g-wrap, gensolpkg, gnapster, gnucash, gnut, gqmpeg, gqview,
guile-gtk, hp2xx, hylafax, ImageMagick, ircII, jwhois, libtool,
libslang, lsof, lynx, Mesa-glx, mgetty+sendfax, mozilla, mtv, nessus
(thanks, Matthias), netatalk-asun, netpbm, ntp4, ORBit, perl5, various
p5 packages, pkgdiff and pkglint, plotutils, png, procmail, pvm, R,
rman, rsync, rtty, ruby, sane, sfio, surfraw, suse Linux compatibility
packages, t1utils, tcl and tk, tgif, tin, xpdf, xsane, zebra and

Package of the Month?  So many package nominations - Hubert once again
mentioned gqmpeg, but that's already been done.  Personally, I
installed Netscape Communicator, and it was an absolute dream - thanks
to Matthias for making my life so much easier - it's so nice when all
the hard Linux compatibility work is done for you.

Alistair G. Crooks
Tue Sep 12 07:59:26 BST 2000

Changes to the Packages Collection Itself
========================================= ${EXTRACT_SUFFIX} now does the right thing if
		set to ".lzh" (in addition to ".zip", ".tar", "tar.bz2",
		and "tar.gz", as before). [fredb 2000-08-16] MIRROR_DISTFILES and NO_CDROM are now dead, and
		NO_{SRC,BIN}_ON{FTP,CDROM} should be used, see packages(7).
		[hubertf 2000-08-19] Introduce USE_XPM to support XFree86 4.0's
		included Xpm library [tron 2000-08-24]

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added argtable-1.2 [jlam 2000-08-08]
Path: devel/argtable
Version: argtable-1.2
Package URL:
Comment: library for parsing command line arguments of a C/C++ program

	Added arpd-1.0 [hubertf 2000-08-27]
Path: net/arpd
Version: arpd-1.0
Package URL:
Comment: arp daemon

	Added awka-0.7.0 [rh 2000-08-17]
Path: lang/awka
Version: awka-0.7.0
Package URL:
Comment: AWK to ANSI C compiler

	Added cksfv-1.1 [wiz 2000-08-13]
Path: misc/cksfv
Version: cksfv-1.1
Package URL:
Comment: check and create simple file verification (SFV) listings

	Added cmdline-1.05nb1 [jlam 2000-08-25]
Path: devel/cmdline
Version: cmdline-1.05nb1
Package URL:
Comment: C++ library for parsing command arguments

	Added cyrus-imapd-1.6.24 [veego 2000-08-25]
Path: mail/cyrus-imapd
Version: cyrus-imapd-1.6.24
Package URL:
Comment: IMAP server

	Added cyrus-sasl-1.5.24 [veego 2000-08-25]
Path: mail/cyrus-imapd
Version: cyrus-imapd-1.6.24
Package URL:
Comment: IMAP server

	Added ddclient-2.3.1 [hubertf 2000-08-07]
Path: net/ddclient
Version: ddclient-2.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: Client to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on

	Added dsniff-2.2 [itojun 2000-08-11]
Path: security/dsniff
Version: dsniff-2.2
Package URL:
Comment: password sniffer

	Added e2fsprogs-1.19 [hubertf 2000-08-05]
Path: sysutils/e2fsprogs
Version: e2fsprogs-1.19
Package URL:
Comment: Second extended file system (ext2fs) management programs

	Added fbm-1.2 [rh 2000-08-03]
Path: graphics/fbm
Version: fbm-1.2
Package URL:
Comment: Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities

	Added flashplayer-0.4.10 [rh 2000-08-28]
Path: graphics/flashplayer
Version: flashplayer-0.4.10
Package URL:
Comment: standalone open source flash(tm) player

	Added flwm-0.25 [jlam 2000-08-04]
Path: x11/flwm
Version: flwm-0.25
Package URL:
Comment: The Fast, Light Window Manager

	Added GConf-0.8 [rh 2000-08-30]
Path: devel/GConf
Version: GConf-0.8
Package URL:
Comment: configuration database system used by GNOME

	Added gnapfetch-0.3 [jlam 2000-08-07]
Path: net/gnapfetch
Version: gnapfetch-0.3
Package URL:
Comment: update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap

	Added gnocatan [veego 2000-08-23]
Path: games/gnocatan
Version: gnocatan-0.6.1
Package URL:
Comment: gnome version of the Settlers of Catan board game

	Added gogo-2.35 [wiz 2000-08-13]
Path: audio/gogo
Version: gogo-2.35
Package URL:
Comment: very fast lame-based mp3 encoder, i386 only

	Added gtkhtml-0.6.1 [rh 2000-08-30]
Path: www/gtkhtml
Version: gtkhtml-0.6.1
Package URL:
Comment: lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine

	Added kicq 1.0.0 [tron 2000-08-01]
Path: net/kicq
Version: kicq-1.0.0
Package URL:
Comment: KDE ICQ client

	Added libflash-0.4.10 [rh 2000-08-28]
Path: graphics/libflash
Version: libflash-0.4.10
Package URL:
Comment: open source flash(tm) library

	Added libnids-1.14 [itojun 2000-08-11]
Path: net/libnids
Version: libnids-1.14
Package URL:
Comment: Network monitoring library with TCP/IP reassembly

	Added libperl-5.6.0 in lang/libperl-current [jlam 2000-08-14]
Path: lang/libperl
Version: libperl-5.6.0nb1
Package URL:
Comment: PERL core library and DynaLoader as a shared object

	Added libunicode-0.4 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: textproc/libunicode
Version: libunicode-0.4
Package URL:
Comment: library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings

	Added netmaze-0.81 [jdc 2000-08-29]
Path: games/netmaze
Version: netmaze-0.81
Package URL:
Comment: X windows-based multiplayer combat game (like Midi Maze)

	Added ns-plugger-common-3.2 [rh 2000-08-22]
Path: www/ns-plugger-common
Version: ns-plugger-common-3.2
Package URL:
Comment: streaming multimedia plugin for Netscape

	Added ns-plugger-communicator-3.2 [rh 2000-08-22]
Path: www/ns-plugger-common
Version: ns-plugger-common-3.2
Package URL:
Comment: streaming multimedia plugin for Netscape Communicator

	Added ns-plugger-navigator-3.2 [rh 2000-08-22]
Path: www/ns-plugger-common
Version: ns-plugger-common-3.2
Package URL:
Comment: streaming multimedia plugin for Netscape Navigator

	Added openh323 1.1beta3 [mjl 2000-08-25]
Path: net/openh323
Version: openh323-1.1beta3
Package URL:
Comment: Open H.323 library

	Added p5-Devel-Peek-1.0001 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: devel/p5-Devel-Peek
Version: p5-Devel-Peek-1.0001
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module containing a data debugging tool for XS programmers

	Added p5-HTML-Tagset-3.09 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Tagset
Version: p5-HTML-Tagset-3.01
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module of data tables useful in parsing HTML

	Added postfix-20000531 in mail/postfix-current [itojun 2000-08-14]
Path: mail/postfix-current
Version: postfix-20000531
Package URL:
Comment: postfix smtp server and tools

	Added pwlib 1.1pl17 [mjl 2000-08-25]
Path: devel/pwlib
Version: pwlib-1.1pl17
Package URL:
Comment: Portable Windows Libary

	Added py-reportlab [tsarna 2000-08-31]
Path: print/py-reportlab
Version: py-reportlab-1.00
Package URL:
Comment: powerful PDF-generating toolkit for Python

	Added samba-2.0.7-ja-1.2 [kei 2000-08-30]
Path: net/samba
Version: samba-
Package URL:
Comment: SMB/CIFS protocol server suite for UNIX

	Added sdcc-2.1.9 [tron 2000-08-25]
Path: devel/sdcc
Version: sdcc-2.1.9
Package URL:
Comment: Cross compile 8051 code

	Added ssh-askpass-1.0 [jlam 2000-08-10]
Path: security/ssh-askpass
Version: ssh-askpass-1.0
Package URL:
Comment: X11-based passphrase dialog for OpenSSH

	Added surfraw-0.5.5 [proff 2000-08-05]
Path: www/surfraw
Version: surfraw-0.5.7
Package URL:
Comment: Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web

	Added suse_audio 6.3 [tron 2000-08-29]
Path: emulators/suse_audio
Version: suse_audio-6.3
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package for audio libraries

	Added suse_gtk-6.3 [abs 2000-08-09]
Path: emulators/suse_gtk
Version: suse_gtk-6.3
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package for GTK binaries

	Added tcl-xml-1.2 [jwise 2000-08-30]
Path: textproc/tcl-xml
Version: tcl-xml-1.2
Package URL:
Comment: XML parser implemented entirely in Tcl

	Added tcl-dom-1.6 [jwise 2000-08-30]
Path: textproc/tcl-dom
Version: tcl-dom-1.6
Package URL:
Comment: DOM implementation for use with TclXML or TclExpat

	Added tcpillust-1.0a [itojun 2000-08-01]
Path: net/tcpillust
Version: tcpillust-1.0a
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical TCP connection analysis tool

	Added trafshow-3.1 [itojun 2000-08-11]
Path: net/trafshow
Version: trafshow-3.1
Package URL:
Comment: Full screen visualization of the network traffic

	Added vorbis-20000818 [itojun 2000-08-18]
Path: audio/vorbis
Version: vorbis-20000818
Package URL:
Comment: Encoder/decoder for Ogg Vorbis audio coding format

	Added wordperfect-personal-8 [jlam 2000-08-25]
Path: editors/wordperfect
Version: wordperfect-personal-8
Package URL:
Comment: Corel(R) WordPerfect(R) for Linux: Personal Edition

	Added yorick-1.4 [rh 2000-08-03]
Path: math/yorick
Version: yorick-1.4
Package URL:
Comment: Numerical algebra system (similar to Matlab)

Updated Packages in the Packages Collection

	Updated 7plus to 225 [wulf 2000-08-15]
Path: ham/7plus
Version: 7plus-225
Package URL:
Comment: uuencode-like file coder for AMPR BBS S&F of binary files

	Updated abiword-personal to 0.7.10 [abs 2000-08-04]
Path: editors/abiword
Version: abiword-personal-0.7.10
Package URL:
Comment: Open Source cross-platform word processor

	Updated acs to 0.27 [dmcmahill 2000-08-16]
Path: cad/acs
Version: acs-0.27
Package URL:
Comment: general purpose circuit simulator

	Updated ap-dtcl to 0.8.1 [jwise 2000-08-29]
Path: www/ap-dtcl
Version: ap-dtcl-0.8.1
Package URL:
Comment: Simple, fast Tcl server side scripting for apache

	Updated ap-perl to 1.24 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: www/ap-perl
Version: ap-perl-1.24
Package URL:
Comment: Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache

	Updated apache6 to 1.3.12 [itojun 2000-08-15]
Path: www/apache6
Version: apache6-1.3.12
Package URL:
Comment: The Apache web server (, with IPv6 support

	Updated apcupsd to 3.6.2 [jlam 2000-08-05]
Path: sysutils/apcupsd
Version: apcupsd-3.6.2
Package URL:
Comment: UPS power management for APCC Products

	Updated arla to 0.34.1 [wennmach 2000-08-15]
	Updated arla to 0.34.2 [wennmach 2000-08-30]
Path: net/arla
Version: arla-0.34.2
Package URL:
Comment: Free AFS implementation from KTH

	Updated ascp to 1.0.3 [fredb 2000-08-26]
Path: x11/ascp
Version: ascp-1.0.3
Package URL:
Comment: Configuration utility for AfterStep

	Updated balsa to 0.9.3 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: mail/balsa
Version: balsa-0.9.3
Package URL:
Comment: GNOME EMail client

	Updated bind9 to 9.0.0rc2 [itojun 2000-08-10]
	Updated bind9 to 9.0.0rc4 [rh 2000-08-23]
	Updated bind9 to 9.0.0rc5 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: net/bind9
Version: bind-9.0.0rc5
Package URL:
Comment: Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS

	Updated bluefish to 0.4nb1 [jlam 2000-08-15]
	Updated bluefish to 0.5 [jlam 2000-08-23]
Path: www/bluefish
Version: bluefish-0.5
Package URL:
Comment: GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer

	Updated bonobo to 0.18 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: devel/bonobo
Version: bonobo-0.18
Package URL:
Comment: Architecture for creating reusable software components

	Updated boost to 1.17.0 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: devel/boost
Version: boost-1.17.0
Package URL:
Comment: free, portable libraries that integrate with the ISO C++ Standard Library

	Updated bozohttpd to 5.05nb1, which adds IPv6 support [jlam 2000-08-23]
	Updated bozohttpd to 5.06 [itojun 2000-08-27]
Path: www/bozohttpd
Version: bozohttpd-5.06
Package URL:
Comment: bozotic HTTP server; small and secure

	Updated coda_client to work under 1.5 and current.  [phil 2000-08-30]
Path: net/coda_client
Version: coda-client-
Package URL:
Comment: client programs for a replicated high-performance network file system

	Updated coda_server to work under 1.5 and current.  [phil 2000-08-30]
Path: net/coda_server
Version: coda-server-
Package URL:
Comment: server for a replicated high-performance network file system

	Updated communicator to 4.75 [tron 2000-08-18]
Path: www/communicator
Version: communicator-4.75
Package URL:
Comment: Netscape communicator complete install - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated CompuPic to 5.1.1063 [wiz 2000-08-26]
Path: graphics/CompuPic
Version: CompuPic-5.1.1063
Package URL:
Comment: Tool for managing graphics and multimedia files

	Updated darcnes to 20000804 [wiz 2000-08-10]
Path: emulators/darcnes
Version: darcnes-20000804
Package URL:
Comment: multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Updated dhid to 4.0.1 [hubertf 2000-08-09]
Path: net/dhid
Version: dhid-4.0.1
Package URL:
Comment: Dynamic Host Information System client daemon

	Updated dotfile to 2.4.1 [jwise 2000-08-31]
Path: misc/dotfile
Version: dotfile-2.4.1
Package URL:
Comment: GUI dotfile generator program to create .config files

	Updated easytag to 0.9.5 [wiz 2000-08-02]
Path: audio/easytag
Version: easytag-0.9.5
Package URL:
Comment: Tool to view, edit and write ID3 v1 TAGs with a GTK+ interface

	Updated esound to 0.2.19 [wiz 2000-08-10]
Path: audio/esound
Version: esound-0.2.19
Package URL:
Comment: the Enlightened sound daemon

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.11 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: net/ethereal
Version: ethereal-0.8.11
Package URL:
Comment: Network protocol analyzer

	Updated fetchmail to 5.4.5 [frueauf 2000-08-11]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.5.0 [frueauf 2000-08-13]
Path: mail/fetchmail
Version: fetchmail-5.5.0
Package URL:
Comment: batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.4.5 [frueauf 2000-08-11]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.5.0 [frueauf 2000-08-13]
Path: mail/fetchmailconf
Version: fetchmailconf-5.5.0
Package URL:
Comment: Configuration tool for fetchmail

	Updated fltk to 1.0.9 [jlam 2000-08-04]
Path: x11/fltk
Version: fltk-1.0.9
Package URL:
Comment: The Fast Light Tool Kit

	Updated fmsx to 2.2 [wiz 2000-08-06]
Path: emulators/fmsx
Version: fmsx-2.2
Package URL:
Comment: MSX (Z80-based computer) emulator

	Updated freeciv-client to 1.11.4 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/freeciv-client
Version: freeciv-client-1.11.4
Package URL:
Comment: Freeciv client with Xaw interface

	Updated freeciv-client-gtk to 1.11.4 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/freeciv-client-gtk
Version: freeciv-client-gtk-1.11.4
Package URL:
Comment: Freeciv client with GTK+ interface

	Updated freeciv-server to 1.11.4 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/freeciv-server
Version: freeciv-server-1.11.4
Package URL:
Comment: Freeciv game server

	Updated freeciv-share to 1.11.4 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/freeciv-share
Version: freeciv-share-1.11.4
Package URL:
Comment: Machine independent files for Freeciv

	Updated g-wrap to 0.9.5 [jlam 2000-08-14]
Path: devel/g-wrap
Version: g-wrap-0.9.5
Package URL:
Comment: tool for importing types, functions, and constants into guile

	Updated geneweb to 3.07 [wulf 2000-08-19]
Path: databases/geneweb
Version: geneweb-3.07
Package URL:
Comment: GeneWeb is a comprehensive genealogy database application

	Updated gensolpkg to 1.8 [agc 2000-08-02]
Path: pkgtools/gensolpkg
Version: gensolpkg-1.8
Package URL:
Comment: Utility to generate a Solaris package

	Updated gnapster to 1.3.11 [jlam 2000-08-10]
Path: net/gnapster
Version: gnapster-1.3.11
Package URL:
Comment: simple client for the online mp3 community

	Updated gnucash to 1.4.5 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: misc/gnucash
Version: gnucash-1.4.5
Package URL:
Comment: Personal double-entry accounting program

	Updated gnut to 0.4.12 [deberg 2000-08-12]
Path: net/gnut
Version: gnut-0.4.12
Package URL:
Comment: Text-mode Gnutella client

	Updated gqmpeg to 0.7.3 [jlam 2000-08-02]
Path: audio/gqmpeg
Version: gqmpeg-0.7.3
Package URL:
Comment: GTK+ front end to mpg123

	Updated gqview to 0.8.2 [jlam 2000-08-04]
Path: graphics/gqview
Version: gqview-0.8.2
Package URL:
Comment: another gtk-based graphic file viewer

	Updated gsharutils to 4.2.1 [christos 2000-08-19]
Path: archivers/gsharutils
Version: gsharutils-4.2.1
Package URL:
Comment: Allow packing and unpacking of shell archives

	Updated guile-gtk to 0.19 [jlam 2000-08-05]
Path: devel/guile-gtk
Version: guile-gtk-0.19
Package URL:
Comment: Library to make GTK accesible from guile

	Updated gwave to 20000809 [dmcmahill 2000-08-30]
Path: cad/gwave
Version: gwave-20000809
Package URL:
Comment: viewer for spice-like simulator output and other analog data

	Updated hp2xx to 3.3.2 [dmcmahill 2000-08-31]
Path: graphics/hp2xx
Version: hp2xx-3.3.2
Package URL:
Comment: HPGL converter and previewer

	Updated hylafax to 4.1b1nb1 [abs 2000-08-29]
	Updated hylafax to 4.1b1nb2 [abs 2000-08-30]
Path: comms/hylafax
Version: hylafax-4.1b2nb2
Package URL:
Comment: Telecommunication and fax server system

	Updated ImageMagick to 5.2.2 [tron 2000-08-10]
Path: graphics/ImageMagick
Version: ImageMagick-5.2.2
Package URL:
Comment: Package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated ircII to 4.4V [mrg 2000-08-03]
Path: net/ircII
Version: ircII-4.4Z
Package URL:
Comment: The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client

	Updated jwhois to 2.4.1 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: net/jwhois
Version: jwhois-2.4.1
Package URL:
Comment: Configurable WHOIS client

	Updated libnasl to 1.0.4 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: security/libnasl
Version: libnasl-1.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: Nessus Attack Scripting Language library

	Updated libnet to 1.0.1b [itojun 2000-08-14]
Path: devel/libnet
Version: libnet-1.0.1b
Package URL:
Comment: C library for portable packet creation and injection

	Updated libperl to 5.6.0 [jlam 2000-08-30]
Path: lang/libperl
Version: libperl-5.6.0nb1
Package URL:
Comment: PERL core library and DynaLoader as a shared object

	Updated libslang to 1.4.2 [mjl 2000-08-22]
Path: devel/libslang
Version: libslang-1.4.2
Package URL:
Comment: Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development

	Updated libstroke to 3.0nb1 [jwise 2000-08-29]
Path: devel/libstroke
Version: libstroke-0.3nb1
Package URL:
Comment: Stroke translation library

	Updated libwww to 5.3.1 [fredb 2000-08-05]
Path: www/libwww
Version: libwww-5.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: The W3C Reference Library

	Updated lincity to 1.11 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/lincity
Version: lincity-1.11
Package URL:
Comment: Free clone of SimCity for X11

	Updated logsurfer to 1.5 [cjones 2000-08-02]
Path: misc/logsurfer
Version: logsurfer-1.5
Package URL:
Comment: Processes logfiles and performs certain actions

	Updated lsof to 4.51 [wiz 2000-08-25]
Path: sysutils/lsof
Version: lsof-4.51.1
Package URL:
Comment: Lists information about open files

	Updated lynx to 2.8.3rel.1 [fredb 2000-08-10]
Path: www/lynx
Version: lynx-2.8.3rel.1
Package URL:
Comment: Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client

	Updated lynx-current to 2.8.4dev7 [fredb 2000-08-07]
Path: www/lynx-current
Version: lynx-2.8.4dev.7
Package URL:
Comment: Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client

	Updated maketool to 0.6.1 [fredb 2000-08-11]
Path: devel/maketool
Version: maketool-0.6.1
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical front end to GNU make

	Updated Mesa-glx to 20000813 [tron 2000-08-14]
Path: graphics/Mesa-glx
Version: Mesa-glx-20000813
Package URL:
Comment: OpenGL like graphics library with GLX hardware acceleration

	Updated mgetty+sendfax to 1.1.22 [fredb 2000-08-31]
Path: comms/mgetty+sendfax
Version: mgetty-1.1.22
Package URL:
Comment: Handle external logins, send and receive faxes

	Updated moscow_ml to 2.00 [tron 2000-08-24]
Path: lang/moscow_ml
Version: moscow_ml-2.00
Package URL:
Comment: Moscow ML, a version of Standard ML

	Updated mozilla to 5.0m17 [tron 2000-08-16]
Path: www/mozilla
Version: mozilla-1.0m17
Package URL:
Comment: The open-source version of the Netscape browser

	Updated mtv to 1.1.4 [mycroft 2000-08-05]
Path: graphics/mtv
Version: mtv-1.1.4
Package URL:
Comment: MPEG Video+Audio and VCD Player

	Updated nas to 1.4 [jlam 2000-08-04]
Path: audio/nas
Version: nas-1.4
Package URL:
Comment: Network Audio System

	Updated navigator to 4.75 [tron 2000-08-18]
Path: www/navigator
Version: navigator-4.75
Package URL:
Comment: Netscape navigator standalone browser - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated nessus to 1.0.4 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: security/nessus
Version: nessus-1.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: The Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-core to 1.0.4 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: security/nessus-core
Version: nessus-core-1.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: Core module of the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-libraries to 1.0.4 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: security/nessus-libraries
Version: nessus-libraries-1.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: Libs required by the Nessus Network security scanner

	Updated nessus-plugins to 1.0.4 [frueauf 2000-08-04]
Path: security/nessus-plugins
Version: nessus-plugins-1.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: Plugins for the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated netatalk-asun to 2.1.3nb2 [abs 2000-08-02]
	Updated netatalk-asun to 2.1.3nb3 [abs 2000-08-15]
Path: net/netatalk-asun
Version: netatalk-asun-2.1.3nb3
Package URL:
Comment: Netatalk appletalk file and print services, enhanced by Adrian Sun

	Updated nethack to 3.3.1 [pooka 2000-08-10]
Path: games/nethack
Version: nethack-all-3.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: Meta-package for NetHack with x11, qt and tty versions

	Updated nethack-lib to 3.3.1 [pooka 2000-08-10]
Path: games/nethack-lib
Version: nethack-lib-3.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: data files for Nethack

	Updated nethack-qt to 3.3.1 [pooka 2000-08-10]
Path: games/nethack-qt
Version: nethack-qt-3.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: The QT-Enhanced X11 version of NetHack

	Updated nethack-tty to 3.3.1 [pooka 2000-08-10]
Path: games/nethack-tty
Version: nethack-tty-3.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: the tty/console based version of NetHack

	Updated nethack-x11 to 3.3.1 [pooka 2000-08-10]
Path: games/nethack-x11
Version: nethack-x11-3.3.1
Package URL:
Comment: the X11 version of NetHack

	Updated netpbm to 9.7 [wiz 2000-08-10]
Path: graphics/netpbm
Version: netpbm-9.7
Package URL:
Comment: toolkit for conversion of images between different formats

	Updated ns-remote to 1.2 [abs 2000-08-29]
Path: www/ns-remote
Version: ns-remote-1.3
Package URL:
Comment: remote-control Netscape Navigator and Communicator

	Updated ntp4 to 4.0.99k [fredb 2000-08-18]
Path: net/ntp4
Version: ntp-4.0.99k
Package URL:
Comment: Network Time Protocol Version 4

	Updated oaf to 0.5.1 [rh 2000-08-29]
Path: devel/oaf
Version: oaf-0.5.1
Package URL:
Comment: new object activation framework for GNOME

	Updated ORBit to 0.5.3 [wiz 2000-08-10]
Path: net/ORBit
Version: ORBit-0.5.3nb1
Package URL:
Comment: high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language

	Updated p5-Bit-Vector to 5.8 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: devel/p5-Bit-Vector
Version: p5-Bit-Vector-5.8
Package URL:
Comment: Efficient base class implementing bit vectors

	Updated p5-CGI to 2.72 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: www/p5-CGI
Version: p5-CGI-2.72
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs

	Updated p5-Curses to 1.05 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: devel/p5-Curses
Version: p5-Curses-1.05
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for terminal screen handling and optimization

	Updated p5-Devel-DProf to 19990108 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: devel/p5-Devel-DProf
Version: p5-Devel-DProf-19990108
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for profiling perl programs

	Updated p5-gdbm to 1.03 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: databases/p5-gdbm
Version: p5-gdbm-1.03
Package URL:
Comment: perl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager

	Updated p5-gtk to 0.7003 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: x11/p5-gtk
Version: p5-gtk-0.7003
Package URL:
Comment: Perl bindings for GTK+

	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.11 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: www/p5-HTML-Parser
Version: p5-HTML-Parser-3.11
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to parse HTML text documents

	Updated p5-PerlMagick to 5.2.2 [kim 2000-08-13]
Path: graphics/p5-PerlMagick
Version: p5-PerlMagick-5.2.2
Package URL:
Comment: Object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick

	Updated p5-PV to 1.4 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: devel/p5-PV
Version: p5-PV-1.4
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 library for text-mode user interface widgets

	Updated p5-Tk to 800.022 [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: x11/p5-Tk
Version: p5-Tk-800.022
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 interface to Tk-8.0.5

	Updated p5-URI to 1.09 [jlam 2000-08-27]
Path: www/p5-URI
Version: p5-URI-1.09
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 class to represent Uniform Resource Identifier (URI, RFC 2396)

	Updated perl to 5.6.0nb2 [jlam 2000-08-30]
Path: lang/perl5
Version: perl-5.6.0nb3
Package URL:
Comment: Practical Extraction and Report Language

	Updated perl5-current to 5.6.0nb1, which removes some modules from
		the base distribution that are externally available through
		pkgsrc [jlam 2000-08-27]
	Updated perl5-current to 5.6.0nb2, which removes the module
		from the base distribution to prevent conflicts with a
		much newer available externally [jlam 2000-08-28]
Path: lang/perl5-current
Version: perl-5.6.0nb2
Package URL:
Comment: Practical Extraction and Report Language

	Updated pkgdiff to 0.93 [abs 2000-08-15]
	Updated pkgdiff to 0.94 [wiz 2000-08-17]
	Updated pkgdiff to 0.95 [hubertf 2000-08-26]
Path: pkgtools/pkgdiff
Version: pkgdiff-0.95
Package URL:
Comment: tools to ease creating and maintaining patches for pkgsrc

	Updated pkglint to 2.13 [abs 2000-08-17]
	Updated pkglint to 2.14 [abs 2000-08-28]
	Updated pkglint to 2.15 [abs 2000-08-30]
Path: pkgtools/pkglint
Version: pkglint-2.20
Package URL:
Comment: Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated plan to 1.8.4 [rh 2000-08-22]
Path: misc/plan
Version: plan-1.8.4
Package URL:
Comment: Schedule planner based on X/Motif

	Updated plotutils to 2.4.1 [dmcmahill 2000-08-24]
Path: graphics/plotutils
Version: plotutils-2.4.1
Package URL:
Comment: Programs and library for plotting scientific data

	Updated png to 1.0.8 [wiz 2000-08-01]
Path: graphics/png
Version: png-1.0.8
Package URL:
Comment: Library for manipulating PNG images

	Updated procmail to 3.15 [wiz 2000-08-26]
Path: mail/procmail
Version: procmail-3.15
Package URL:
Comment: Local mail delivery agent

	Updated pvm to 3.4.3 [dmcmahill 2000-08-23]
Path: parallel/pvm3
Version: pvm-3.4.3
Package URL:
Comment: Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment

	Updated R to 1.1.0 [jlam 2000-08-11]
	Updated R to 1.1.1 [jlam 2000-08-16]
Path: math/R
Version: R-1.1.1
Package URL:
Comment: Statistical language for data analysis and graphics

	Updated realplayer to 7nb2 [jlam 2000-08-05]
	Updated realplayer to 7nb3 [jlam 2000-08-15]
Path: audio/realplayer7
Version: realplayer-7nb3
Package URL:
Comment: RealAudio and RealVideo player

	Updated rman to 3.0.9 [fredb 2000-08-18]
Path: textproc/rman
Version: rman-3.0.9
Package URL:
Comment: Produces HTML from formatted and unformatted man pages

	Updated rsync to 2.4.4 [wiz 2000-08-02]
	Updated rsync to 2.4.5 [veego 2000-08-21]
Path: net/rsync
Version: rsync-2.4.5
Package URL:
Comment: Network file distribution/synchronisation utility

	Updated rtty to fix infinite loop bug, from
		Andrew Flury <> [thorpej 2000-08-02]
Path: sysutils/rtty
Version: rtty-3.2
Package URL:
Comment: multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging

	Updated ruby to 1.4.6 [sakamoto 2000-08-22]
Path: lang/ruby
Version: ruby-1.4.6
Package URL:
Comment: the Object-Oriented Script Language

	Updated ruby-Tk to 1.4.6 [sakamoto 2000-08-22]
Path: x11/ruby-Tk
Version: ruby-Tk-1.4.6
Package URL:
Comment: Ruby interface to Tcl/Tk libraries

	Updated sane to 1.0.3 [rh 2000-08-28]
Path: graphics/sane
Version: sane-1.0.3
Package URL:
Comment: API for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc

	Updated sfio to 1999 [itojun 2000-08-13]
Path: devel/sfio
Version: sfio-1999
Package URL:
Comment: Safe and Fast IO library

	Updated stooop to 4.1.1 [jwise 2000-08-29]
Path: devel/stooop
Version: stooop-4.1.1
Package URL:
Comment: Simple Tcl Only Object Oriented Programming scheme

	Updated surfraw to 0.5.6 [jlam 2000-08-10]
	Updated surfraw to 0.5.7 [proff 2000-08-12]
Path: www/surfraw
Version: surfraw-0.5.7
Package URL:
Comment: Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web

	Updated suse_linux to 6.3nb1 [abs 2000-08-09]
	Updated suse_linux to 6.3nb2 [tron 2000-08-29]
Path: emulators/suse_linux
Version: suse_linux-6.3nb2
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package collection

	Updated t1utils to 1.20 [jonb 2000-08-07]
Path: textproc/t1utils
Version: t1utils-1.20
Package URL:
Comment: Utility programs for dealing with Postscript Type 1 font files

	Updated tcl to 8.3.2 [jwise 2000-08-31]
Path: lang/tcl
Version: tcl-8.3.2
Package URL:
Comment: Ousterhout's Tool Command Language, a scripting language

	Updated tcl-cgi to 1.2.0 [jwise 2000-08-30]
Path: www/tcl-cgi
Version: tcl-cgi-1.3.0
Package URL:
Comment: Library of Tcl procedures to assist in writing CGI scripts

	Updated tcl-gdbm to 0.8 [jwise 2000-08-29]
Path: databases/tcl-gdbm
Version: tcl-gdbm-0.8
Package URL:
Comment: tcl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager

	Updated tgif to 4.1.35 [dmcmahill 2000-08-06]
	Updated tgif to 4.1.38 [rh 2000-08-28]
Path: graphics/tgif
Version: tgif-4.1.38
Package URL:
Comment: Fully-featured X11 drawing program

	Updated tin to 1.4.4 [wiz 2000-08-10]
Path: news/tin
Version: tin-1.4.4
Package URL:
Comment: TIN newsreader (termcap based)

	Updated tk to 8.3.2 [jwise 2000-08-31]
Path: x11/tk
Version: tk-8.3.2
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical toolkit for TCL

	Updated tkpiechart to 5.4 [jwise 2000-08-30]
Path: graphics/tkpiechart
Version: tkpiechart-5.4
Package URL:
Comment: Tcl/Tk pie-chart utility; in Tcl, not as an extension

	Updated tnt to 1.9.1 [wulf 2000-08-12]
Path: ham/tnt
Version: tnt-1.9.1
Package URL:
Comment: Amateur packet radio terminal program for TNC2, AEA PK232 and PK88

	Updated uae to 0.8.14 [kristerw 2000-08-26]
Path: emulators/uae
Version: uae-0.8.14
Package URL:
Comment: The UAE Amiga Emulator

	Updated verilog-current to 20000805 [dmcmahill 2000-08-06]
Path: cad/verilog-current
Version: verilog-current-20000805
Package URL:
Comment: Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (development snapshot version)

	Updated vice to 1.5 [wiz 2000-08-27]
Path: emulators/vice
Version: vice-1.5
Package URL:
Comment: Emulator for C64, C128, CBM-II, PET, and VIC20

	Updated vipec to 2.0.4 [dmcmahill 2000-08-28]
Path: cad/vipec
Version: vipec-2.0.4
Package URL:
Comment: Network analyser for electrical networks

	Updated wxGTK to 2.2.1 [dmcmahill 2000-08-31]
Path: x11/wxGTK
Version: wxGTK-2.2.1
Package URL:
Comment: GTK-based implementation of the wxWindows GUI library

	Updated xconq to 7.3.3 [kleink 2000-08-31]
Path: games/xconq
Version: xconq-7.3.3
Package URL:
Comment: Xconq is a general strategy game system

	Updated xlockmore to 4.17 [hubertf 2000-08-15]
	Updated xlockmore to 4.17.1 [hubertf 2000-08-21]
	Updated xlockmore to 4.17.2 [hubertf 2000-08-29]
Path: x11/xlockmore
Version: xlockmore-4.17.2
Package URL:
Comment: Like XLock session locker/screen saver, but just more

	Updated xpdf to 0.91 [fredb 2000-08-21]
Path: graphics/xpdf
Version: xpdf-0.91
Package URL:
Comment: Display tool for PDF files

	Updated xpuyopuyo to 0.9.1 [jlam 2000-08-11]
Path: games/xpuyopuyo
Version: xpuyopuyo-0.9.1
Package URL:
Comment: Tetris-like puzzle game

	Updated xsane to 0.61 [rh 2000-08-28]
Path: graphics/xsane
Version: xsane-0.61
Package URL:
Comment: New improved frontend for SANE

	Updated zebra to 0.88.  users must upgrade the whole zebra daemon
		suite.  partial upgrade can cause serious issue due to the
		daemon-to-daemon protocol change.  [itojun 2000-08-18]
Path: net/zebra
Version: zebra-0.88
Package URL:
Comment: Free multithreaded routing daemon software

	Updated zircon to 1.18.245 [jwise 2000-08-31]
Path: net/zircon
Version: zircon-1.18.245
Package URL:
Comment: X11 interface to Internet Relay Chat

Other Changes to the Packages Collection

	Removed addnerd, which has been retired in favour of user
		[wiz 2000-08-18]
	Removed cyrus, which is replaced by cyrus-imapd [veego 2000-08-25]
	Removed pkglibtool. All packages have been converted to use
		"plain" libtool instead. [wiz 2000-08-18]
	Removed xpdf-crypto (obsolete) [fredb 2000-08-21]
	Removed tclman80 [jwise 2000-08-31]