Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2000
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/04/2000 04:31:27
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 2000

We've had a busy month in pkgsrc-land: on the infrastructure side,
the definitions to mirror sources and binaries on CDROMs and ftp
servers have been reorganised to make them more useful, and Hubert
has also committed the changes to activate his bulk-build work.

Packages which should be updated this month for security reasons: 
navigator/communicator and wu-ftpd.

Notable additions include: antiword, aumix, easytag, gnomeicu,
gprolog, gtm, Gaelic ispell language support (who said we weren't esoteric?),
jakarta-ant, kxicq, lesstif-1.2, Adrian Sun's netatalk, netbsd-doc,
oaf, various Perl5 utilities, pks, priv, pstoedit, rio500, rp-pppoe, rpc2,
rvm, sawfish, urlview, and xpat2.

Notable updates include:  balsa, bind9, cdrecord,
communicator/navigator, delegate, ee, enlightenment, ethereal, exim,
fetchmail{,conf}, freetype, gcombust, gdk-pixbug, gimp-current, gnome,
gnupg, gnut, gqmpeg, guile, icewm, lame, lesstif, libxml, links, lsof,
mg2a, mutt, nessus has been overhauled (thanks to Thorsten and
Hubert), netpbm, nocol, openssh, ORBit, various Perl5 modules,
perl-current, pkg_install and pkgdiff, plotutils, png, pngcrush,
procmail, pth, PTL, racoon (4 times - thanks Itojun), ruby, sendmail,
tgif, thttpd, uae, wmthemes, wu-ftpd, xmame and xscreensaver.  Please
note also that Johnny Lam made major changes to the Ghostscript
packages (thanks, Johnny).

The Package of The Month award goes to cervisia, a visual front-end
for cvs, which Hubert and others have found very useful.  Be warned
that it does need kde installed.  Personally, I have a soft spot for
tkcvs for these things - others tell me that soft spot is between my

Enjoy the packages,

Alistair G. Crooks
Wed Aug  2 07:26:45 BST 2000

Changes to the Packages Collection Infrastructure
================================================= Add new variables NO_BIN_ON_FTP, NO_SRC_ON_FTP,
		NO_BIN_ON_CDROM, and NO_SRC_ON_CDROM to fine-tune
		for license restrictions.  The use of NO_CDROM and
		other generic variables is now deprecated. [rh 2000-07-20] Targets for doing bulk builds committed
		[hubertf 2000-07-28]

Packages added to the Packages Collection

	Added antiword-0.30 [rh 2000-07-05]
free converter MS Word to text and Postscript converter

	Added as31-19900126 [bjh21 2000-07-08]
8031/8051 assembler

	Added asWedit-4.0.1 [rh 2000-07-17]
Motif HTML and text editor

	Added aumix-2.7 [rh 2000-07-14]
Set mix levels

	Added baci-20000725 [wulf 2000-07-25]
Ben-Ari Concurrent Interpreter

	Added bottlerocket-0.04c [rh 2000-07-15]
Home Automation Software for the X10 FireCracker kit

	Added cfitsio-2.0.37 [tron 2000-07-31]
FITS (flexible image transport system) file input and output

	Added cia-20000716 [tron 2000-07-16]
simple IP accounting software

	Added cross-armv2-netbsd [bjh21 2000-07-13]
Cross-compile environment for NetBSD/arm26

	Added easytag-0.9.3 [wiz 2000-07-21]
Tool to view, edit and write ID3 v1 TAGs with a GTK+ interface

	Added fmsx-2.1 [martin 2000-07-28]
MSX (Z80-based computer) emulator

	Added geneweb-3.06 [wulf 2000-07-25]
GeneWeb is a comprehensive genealogy database application

	Added gnomeicu-0.93 [tron 2000-07-07]
GNOME ICQ client

	Added gprolog-1.1.6 [agc 2000-07-03]
GNU prolog compiler and interpreter

	Added gtm-0.4.5 [tron 2000-07-28]
Gnome Transfer Manager

	Added icqlib-1.0.0 [tron 2000-07-31]
Implementation of the icq protocol

	Added ispell-gaeilge-0.1 [ad 2000-07-14]
Irish language support for ispell

	Added jakarta-ant-3.1 [jwise 2000-07-02]
the Apache Project's Java-Based make(1) replacement

	Added kxicq-03132000 [tron 2000-07-06]
KDE ICQ client

	Added lesstif12-0.91.4 [jlam 2000-07-25]
API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit, version 1.2

	Added libnasl-1.0.3 [frueauf 2000-07-30]
Nessus Attack Scripting Language library

	Added libsigc++-1.0.1 [jlam 2000-07-15]
libsigc++ is provides a callback system for C++ programs

	Added nessus-core-1.0.3 [frueauf 2000-07-30]
Core module of the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Added nessus-libraries-1.0.3 [frueauf 2000-07-30]
Libs required by the Nessus Network security scanner

	Added nessus-plugins-1.0.3 [frueauf 2000-07-30]
Plugins for the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Added netatalk-asun-2.1.3 [abs 2000-07-31]
Netatalk appletalk file and print services, enhanced by Adrian Sun

	Added netbsd-doc 1.0 [hubertf 2000-07-09]
Meta-pkg including all pkgs to convert SGML->HTML

	Added netbsd-doc-print 1.0 [hubertf 2000-07-09]
Meta-pkg including all pkgs to convert SGML->PDF/PS

	Added oaf-0.4.0 [rh 2000-07-16]
new object activation framework for GNOME

	Added p5-Expect-1.07 [thorpej 2000-07-15]
A perl version of the TCL "expect" tool.

	Added p5-GDGraph-1.32 [rh 2000-07-16]
GDGraph is a package to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's

	Added p5-GDTextUtil-0.75 [rh 2000-07-16]
Perl 5 text utilities for use with the GD drawing package

	Added p5-IO-Stty-.02 [thorpej 2000-07-15]
Perl class for I/O on tty devices.

	Added p5-IO-Tty-0.03 [thorpej 2000-07-15]
Another Perl class for I/O on tty and pseudo-tty devices.

	Added pks-0.9.4 [jlam 2000-07-27]
PGP Public Key Server

	Added ppp 2.3.11 [tron 2000-07-11]
Point-to-Point Protocol for Internet connections over serial lines

	Added priv-1.0beta [agc 2000-07-14]
execute commands as a different user

	Added pstoedit-3.20 [itohy 2000-07-18]
Convert PostScript / PDF into various vector graphic formats

	Added rio500-0.7 [ad 2000-07-28]
Utilties to manage your Diamond Rio 500 MP3 player

	Added rp-pppoe 1.9 [tron 2000-07-11]
BSD port of Roaring Penguin's PPPoE client

	Added rpc2-1.5 [phil 2000-07-27]
CMU (Coda) remote procedure call package

	Added ruby-termios-module-0.0.4 [sakamoto 2000-07-08]
termios module for Ruby

	Added rvm-1.1 [phil 2000-07-26]
Recoverable Virtual Memory

	Added sawfish-0.28.1 [danw 2000-07-01]
GNOME-aware window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp

	Added unace-1.2 [wiz 2000-07-20]
Extract, list and test files in ACE archives

	Added urlview-0.9 [tron 2000-07-04]
extract URLs from text files and display them in a menu

	Added wmMoonClock-1.27 [tron 2000-07-30]
Shows lunar ephemeris to fairly high accuracy

	Added wmnet-1.06 [tron 2000-07-30]
dockable network monitor

	Added x10_heyu-1.29 [rh 2000-07-15]
Home Automation Software for the X10 CM11A

	Added xpat2-1.06 [jlam 2000-07-28]
X11 solitaire game with 14 variations

Updated Packages in the Packages Collection

	Updated balsa to 0.9.0 [rh 2000-07-05]
GNOME EMail client

	Updated bind9 to 9.0.0rc1 [rh 2000-07-26]
Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS

	Updated bonobo to 0.15 [rh 2000-07-16]
Architecture for creating reusable software components

	Updated boost to 1.16.1 [jlam 2000-07-13]
free libraries which work well with the C++ Standard Library

	Updated canna-server by adding security patch [itojun 2000-07-15]
Kana-Kanji conversion system (server)

	Updated cassowary to 0.60 [jlam 2000-07-31]
Constraint-solving toolkit for linear equalities and inequalities

	Updated cdrecord to 1.9 [rh 2000-07-22]
This program allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder

	Updated coda5_client and coda5_server to compile under -current
		[phil 2000-07-26]
client programs for a replicated high-performance network file system
server programs for a replicated high-performance network file system

	Updated communicator to 4.74 [tron 2000-07-25]
Netscape communicator complete install - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated cups to 1.1 [jlam 2000-07-12]
Common UNIX Printing System

	Updated darcnes to 20000625 [wiz 2000-07-02]
	Updated darcnes to 20000710 [wiz 2000-07-21]
multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Updated delegate to 6.1.16 [rh 2000-07-10]
General purpose TCP/IP proxy system

	Updated dinotrace to 9.0k [dmcmahill 2000-07-26]
tool for viewing the output of digital simulators

	Updated dsssl-docbook-modular to 1.54 [hubertf 2000-07-10]
	Updated dsssl-docbook-modular to 1.55 [hubertf 2000-07-26]
DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD by Norman Walsh

	Updated ee to 0.3.12 [tron 2000-07-31]
Image viewer based on imlib by the Rasterman.  Gtk clone of xv

	Updated enlightenment to 0.16.4 [tron 2000-07-30]
Window manager for X

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.10 [frueauf 2000-07-05]
Network protocol analyzer

	Updated exim to 3.16 [ad 2000-07-26]
The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail

	Updated fetchmail to 5.4.4 [frueauf 2000-07-24]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.4.4 [frueauf 2000-07-24]
Configuration tool for fetchmail

	Updated freetype to 1.3.1 [jlam 2000-07-22]
FreeType libraries and utilities

	Updated freetype-lib to 1.3.1 [jlam 2000-07-22]
TrueType font rendering engine and library API

	Updated freetype-utils to 1.3.1 [jlam 2000-07-22]
Utilities for manipulating TrueType fonts

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.34 [rh 2000-07-22]
Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated gdk-pixbuf to 0.8.0nb1 [hubertf 2000-07-05]
the GNOME image loading library

	Updated gensolpkg to 1.7 [agc 2000-07-26]
Utility to generate a Solaris package

	Updated gimp-current to 1.1.24 (1.2pre) [hubertf 2000-07-05]
Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop[tm]

	Updated gimp-helpviewer to 1.1.24 (1.2pre) [hubertf 2000-07-05]
Help file browser for the GNU Image Manipulation Program

	Updated gnome to 1.2.1nb1 [tron 2000-07-31]
"meta-package" for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnupg to 1.0.2 [wiz 2000-07-15]
Privacy Guard, a public-Key encryption and digital signature utility

	Updated gnut to 0.3.29 [kim 2000-07-16]
Text-mode Gnutella client

	Updated gqmpeg to 0.7.2 [hubertf 2000-07-05]
X Windows front end to mpg123

	Updated gtk-- to 1.2.1 [jlam 2000-07-15]
C++ wrapper for the gimp toolkit (gtk++)

	Updated guile to 1.4 [jlam 2000-07-14]
GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension

	Updated icewm to 1.0.4 [jlam 2000-07-31]
small, fast and light-weight window manager

	Updated icewm-gnome to 1.0.4 [jlam 2000-07-31]
small, fast and light-weight window manager (GNOME version)

	Updated jdbc-postgresql to 7.0.2 [jwise 2000-07-14]
100% Java JDBC driver for PostgreSQL

	Updated lame to 3.70 [pooka 2000-07-04]
Fast, high quality MP3 encoder, based on the LAME patch

	Updated lesstif to 0.91.4 [jlam 2000-07-25]
API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit

	Updated libole2 to 0.1.6 [rh 2000-07-22]
OLE2 streams parsing library for GNOME

	Updated librep to 0.12.2 [danw 2000-07-01]
Emacs Lisp-like runtime library, interpreter, compiler and VM

	Updated libxml to 1.8.9 [jlam 2000-07-15]
XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project

	Updated links to 0.92 [wiz 2000-07-01]
Lynx-like text WWW browser

	Updated lsof to 4.50.2 (no functional change) [wiz 2000-07-01]
Lists information about open files

	Updated mg2a to 1.11 [tron 2000-07-10]
Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor

	Updated mutt to 1.2.4i [tron 2000-07-07]
	Updated mutt to 1.2.5 [tron 2000-07-29]
text-based MIME mail client with PGP support

	Updated navigator to 4.74 [tron 2000-07-25]
Netscape navigator standalone browser - Digital UNIX/Linux/SunOS binary

	Updated nessus to 1.0.3 [frueauf 2000-07-30]
The Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated netbsd-doc to 1.1 [hubertf 2000-07-10]
Meta-pkg including all pkgs to convert SGML->HTML

	Updated netpbm to 9.5 [wiz 2000-07-10]
toolkit for conversion of images between different formats

	Updated nocol to 4.3.1 [abs 2000-07-13]
Extensible network and system monitoring utility

	Updated openssh to 2.1.1p2 [itojun 2000-07-02]
	Updated openssh to 2.1.1p3 [itojun 2000-07-15]
	Updated openssh to 2.1.1p4 [jlam 2000-07-22]
Open Source Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

	Updated ORBit to 0.5.2 [wiz 2000-07-10]
high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language

	Updated p5-GD to 1.30 [rh 2000-07-14]
Perl5 interface to gd graphics library

	Updated p5-HTML-Parser to 3.10 [mjl 2000-07-03]
perl5 module to parse HTML text documents

	Updated p5-libwww to 5.48 [mjl 2000-07-03]
perl5 library for WWW access

	Updated p5-Net to 1.0703 [mjl 2000-07-03]
perl5 modules to access and use network protocols

	Updated p5-URI to 1.07 [mjl 2000-07-03]
Perl5 class to represent Uniform Resource Identifier (URI, RFC 2396)

	Updated perl-current to 5.6.0 [hubertf 2000-07-05]
Practical Extraction and Report Language

	Updated pkg_install to 20000705 [hubertf 2000-07-05]
	Updated pkg_install to 20000724 [dmcmahill 2000-07-24]
NetBSD-current's pkg_* tools

	Updated pkgdiff to 0.91. pkgdiff now generates no output if the files
		don't differ, and mkpatch doesn't generate empty patches.
		[wiz 2000-07-01]
tools to ease creating and maintaining patches for pkgsrc

	Updated pkglint to 2.11 [hubertf 2000-07-14]
Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated plotutils, enabling C++ support [itohy 2000-07-18]
Programs and library for plotting scientific data

	Updated png to 1.0.7 [rh 2000-07-03]
Library for manipulating PNG images

	Updated pngcrush to 1.4.5 [rh 2000-07-05]
	Updated pngcrush to 1.4.8 [rh 2000-07-23]
	Updated pngcrush to 1.5.0 [rh 2000-07-28]
	Updated pngcrush to 1.5.1 [rh 2000-07-30]
Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files

	Updated procmail to 3.14 [simonb 2000-07-21]
Local mail delivery agent

	Updated postgresql to 7.0.2 [jlam 2000-07-13]
Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS

	Updated pth to 1.3.6 [rh 2000-07-03]
	Updated pth to 1.3.7 [rh 2000-07-30]
GNU Portable Thread library

	Updated PTL to 2.1.4 [msaitoh 2000-07-17]
Portable user-level Thread Library 2 written by Kota Abe

	Updated racoon to 20000701a [itojun 2000-07-01]
	Updated racoon to 20000716a [itojun 2000-07-18]
	Updated racoon to 20000719a [itojun 2000-07-18]
	Updated racoon to 20000731a [itojun 2000-07-30]
KAME racoon IKE daemon

	Updated rep-gtk to 0.11 [danw 2000-07-01]
librep bindings for gtk (used by sawmill)

	Updated rp-pppoe to 2.0 [tron 2000-07-17]
	Updated rp-pppoe to 2.2 [tron 2000-07-31]
BSD port of Roaring Penguin's PPPoE client

	Updated ruby to 1.4.5 [sakamoto 2000-07-03]
the Object-Oriented Script Language

	Updated ruby-Tk to 1.4.5 [sakamoto 2000-07-03]
Ruby interface to Tcl/Tk libraries

	Updated sendmail to 8.11.0 [itojun 2000-07-24]
The well known Mail Transport Agent

	Updated sgi-stl to 3.3 [jlam 2000-07-12]
SGI Standard Template Library

	Updated sgi-stl-docs to 3.3 [jlam 2000-07-13]
SGI Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

	Updated smtpfeed to 1.07.1 [itojun 2000-07-26]
SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail

	Updated speakfreely to 7.2 [jlam 2000-07-28]
Internet "phone" for UNIX

	Updated tcl-postgresql to 7.0.2 [jlam 2000-07-13]
Tcl interface to PostgreSQL

	Updated tgif to 4.1.34 [rh 2000-07-07]
Fully-featured X11 drawing program

	Updated thttpd to 2.19 [jlam 2000-07-27]
tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server

	Updated tk-postgresql to 7.0.2 [jlam 2000-07-13]
Tk interface to PostgreSQL

	Updated uae to 0.8.12 [kristerw 2000-07-13]
	Updated uae to 0.8.13 [martin 2000-07-24]
The UAE Amiga Emulator

	Updated url2pkg to 1.13 [wiz 2000-07-12]
Shellscript to help with the first steps to build a package

	Updated wmthemes to 0.62.x [tron 2000-07-09]
Themes for the window manager WindowMaker

	Updated wu-ftpd to 2.6.1 [rh 2000-07-08]
Replacement ftp server for Un*x systems

	Updated xchat to 1.5.6 [tron 2000-07-31]
X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit

	Updated xmame to 0.37b4.1 [martin 2000-07-13]
X11 emulator for old arcade and console machines

	Updated xscreensaver to 3.25 [frueauf 2000-07-26]
Screen saver and locker for the X window system

	Updated xscreensaver-gnome to 3.25 [frueauf 2000-07-26]
Screen saver and locker for the X window system (Gnome version)

Other changes to the Packages Collection

	Removed ghostscript5 [jlam 2000-07-12]
	Removed ghostscript5-x11 [jlam 2000-07-12]
	Removed vfghostscript5 [jlam 2000-07-12]