Subject: NetBSD/x68k 1.4.3_ALPHA snapshot
To: None <,>
From: MINOURA Makoto <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 07/25/2000 23:57:55

a test distribution of NetBSD 1.4.3_ALPHA is now available for
the x68k port.  You'll find it here:

The 20000716 refers to the date of the sources from which the build
was made.

If you prefer to do an in-place upgrade (new kernel and then install
new user-land binaries) instead of a wholesale (re)installation, you
should note that you should do that only if you already run 1.4.1,
1.4.2 or an earlier release, but *not* if your current kernel and
user-land binaries is built from NetBSD-current code from after the
initial branch point for netbsd-1-4.  If "uname -r" says that you
are running "1.4<letter(s)>", e.g. 1.4P, your kernel is from
NetBSD-current after netbsd-1-4 was branched, and you cannot do an
in-place upgrade without inflicting grief on yourself. [In that case,
an "upgrade" for you would be 1.5_ALPHA, or 1.5 when available.]

Please also note the following:

 o The X11 and security bits are mising.

If you spot any serious problems with this distribution, please submit
formal problem reports using "send-pr".

Best regards,
Minoura Makoto

[ cribbed almost entirely from other announcements ]