Subject: NetBSD/next68k 1.4.3_ALPHA snapshot
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 07/20/2000 07:18:36

a test distribution of NetBSD 1.4.3_ALPHA is now available for
the next68k port.  You'll find it here:

The 20000713 refers to the date of the sources from which the build
was made.

If you prefer to do an in-place upgrade (new kernel and then install
new user-land binaries) instead of a wholesale (re)installation, you
should note that you should do that only if you already run 1.4.1,
1.4.2 or an earlier release, but *not* if your current kernel and
user-land binaries is built from NetBSD-current code from after the
initial branch point for netbsd-1-4.  If "uname -r" says that you
are running "1.4<letter(s)>", e.g. 1.4P, your kernel is from
NetBSD-current after netbsd-1-4 was branched, and you cannot do an
in-place upgrade without inflicting grief on yourself. [In that case,
an "upgrade" for you would be 1.5_ALPHA, or 1.5 when available.]

Please also note the following:

 o The X11 bits are linked over from the mac68k snapshot of a similar

 o Some of the INSTALL documentation bits are missing.  They should
   be in the next snapshot.

If you spot any serious problems with this distribution, please submit
formal problem reports using "send-pr".

Best regards,
Allen Briggs

[ cribbed almost entirely from other announcements ]