Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2000
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 03/09/2000 07:27:40
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in February 2000

Two security vulnerabilities to note this month are:  pkgsrc/www/htdig
and pkgsrc/mail/nmh.  Please make sure you are running htdig 3.1.5
(not 3.1.4, which is vulnerable), and nmh 1.0.3 (not 1.0 or lower, and
not mh, which are vulnerable).

Please note that full wildcard and Dewey decimal relationships have
been enabled in pkgsrc for pre-requisite packages.  This has improved
our ability to depend on different versions of packages, and works for
binary and installed packages and when installing binary packages via
ftp or http.  Thanks to Hubert for following through on this.

Notable additions to the packages collection include:  bwbasic,
cardboard-schedule, cdrdao, more cross compilation environments,
fastjar, gsl, ijb, its4, libffm, libwmf, micq, pppoe, nana, pccts,
py-mysqldb, quake6 ("the IPv6 killer application?"), realplayerG2,
sendmail 8.8.8, wv and yacas.

Notable updated packages include:  abiword-personal, acroread,
afterstep, analog, ap-ssl, apache6, coda 5 server and client, dap,
ddd, emixer, emma, esound, ethereal, gcombust, gindent, gnapster,
gnome, gnupg, icewm, inn, ircII, lavaps, libslang, lsof, mpg123, mrtg,
ntp4, pdflib, png, pth, qpage, smalleiffel, snort, spruce, squid, tin,
tgif, trn, verilog, wwwoffle, xcruise, xmcd, zebra and zope.

There is a joint Package of The Month award this month:  (a) links
(pkgsrc/www/links), nominated by Julian Assange, and seconded by
Hubert Feyrer, a Lynx-like text WWW browser; and (b) cdparanoia
(pkgsrc/audio/cdparanoia), which has many votes, from Matt Green to
Steve Woodford to myself, a CDDA reading utility with extra data
verification features, and is especially effective on damaged CDs.  If
you have any CDs which will not play properly on CD players, try
reading them with cdparanoia. (If you're into that kind of thing,
I've heard good reports of libffm giving a 3x speedup to lame on
an Alpha).

Alistair Crooks
Thu Mar  9 07:19:59 GMT 2000

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

        pkg_install, Support for full wildcard support added
                and enabled, for both binary and pkgsrc packages. See
                for more information. [hubertf 2000-02-03]

	pkgsrc/Makefile: added "readme-ipv6" target, to generate a list of
		all packages that can do IPv6, together with the category
		they belong to and a short description. [hubertf 2000-02-09]

	pkglocate: Added pkglocate shell script [agc 2000-02-21]

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added ap-csacek-2.1.3 [jdolecek 2000-02-25]
on-fly code set recoder

	Added bchunk-1.0.0 [pooka 2000-02-21]
".bin/.cue" CD image converter

	Added bwbasic 2.20 [pooka 2000-02-15]
The Bywater Basic interpreter

	Added cardboard-schedule-1.13 [jwise 2000-02-28]
project and resource management software implemented in Java/Swing

	Added cdrdao-1.1.3 [wiz 2000-02-18]
Records audio or data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode

	Added cftp-0.9.3 [wiz 2000-02-20]
Comfortable FTP, a full screen ftp client

	Added cross-mipseb-netbsd- [tsutsui 2000-02-19]
Cross-compile environment for NetBSD/mipseb

	Added cross-mipsel-netbsd- [tsutsui 2000-02-19]
Cross-compile environment for NetBSD/mipsel

	Added darcnes-20000212 [wiz 2000-02-14]
multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Added ddos-scan-20000211 [agc 2000-02-11]
scan for a limited set of distributed denial of service (ddos) agents

	Added fastjar-0.90 [rh 2000-02-01]
C language version of the 'jar' archiver normally used by Java

	Added grace-5.0.5 [drochner 2000-02-03]
GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data

	Added gsl-0.5 [fredb 2000-02-08]
The GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs

	Added gtkdiff 1.3.0 [rh 2000-02-16]
diff front-end program using GNOME

	Added guile-slib-2c7 [jlam 2000-02-23]
SLIB installation for guile Scheme interpreter

	Added ijb-2.0.2 [abs 2000-02-09]
The Internet Junkbuster Proxy blocks unwanted banner ads and cookies

	Added its4-1.0 [wiz 2000-02-22]
static C/C++ code scanner for potential security problems

	Added lftp-2.1.8 [wiz 2000-02-18]
powerful command line ftp client

	Added libffm-0.28 [garbled 2000-02-12]
fast alpha-optimized replacement for some libm routines

	Added libwmf-0.1.17 [wiz 2000-02-27]
library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)

	Added micq-0.4.3 [wiz 2000-02-06]
Text-based ICQ implementation

	Added mouse-pppoe-20000202 [hubertf 2000-02-04]
derMouse's PPP over Ethernet program

	Added nana-2.4 [jlam 2000-02-22]
improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++

	Added oregano 0.11 [rh 2000-02-16]
application for schematic capture/simulation of electrical circuits

	Added p5-DBD-postgresql-0.93 [jwise 2000-02-19]
perl DBI/DBD driver for PostgreSQL databases

	Added p5-Mail-IMAPClient-1.07 [rh 2000-02-10]
perl5 module for talking to RFC-2060 IMAP servers

	Added pccts-1.33 [wiz 2000-02-18]
Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set

	Added pkg_tarup-1.0 [hubertf 2000-02-14]
Generates binary package from installed pkg

	Added plib-1.0.20 [rh 2000-02-19]
set of libraries for writing portable games/realtime interactive apps

	Added portsentry-1.0 [agc 2000-02-07]
detects and respond to port scans against a target host in real-time

	Added prag-1.0.2 [itojun 2000-02-09]
replacement to "grap" graph generator backend to pic

	Added py-mysqldb-0.1.2 [tsarna 2000-02-26]
MySQL interface for Python

	Added quake6-0.0 [itojun 2000-02-02]
Quake over IPv6

	Added quakedata-1.0 [itojun 2000-02-02]
Game data files for Quake

	Added realplayerG2-1a [jlam 2000-02-17]
RealAudio and RealVideo player

	Added sendmail 8.8.8 as "sendmail88" [tron 2000-02-13]
The well known Mail Transport Agent

	Added slib-2c7 [jlam 2000-02-23]
portable Scheme library of compatibility and utility functions

	Added vtun-2.0 [hubertf 2000-02-07]
Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, etc.

	Added wmCalClock-1.25 [wiz 2000-02-06]
another WindowMaker calendar/clock dockapp

	Added wv-0.5.43 [wiz 2000-02-27]
Microsoft Word 6, 7, and 8 (95/97/2000) doc to HTML/LaTeX converter

	Added Xbae-4.7.1 [drochner 2000-02-03]
Three Motif compatible widgets: XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption, XbaeInput

	Added yacas-1.0.28 [dmcmahill 2000-02-20]
Yet Another Computer Algebra System

Updated Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated abiword-personal to 0.7.8 [jlam 2000-02-29]
Open Source cross-platform word processor

	Updated acroread to 4.05 [soren 2000-02-20]
View, distribute and print PDF documents

	Updated afterstep to 1.8.0 [fredb 2000-02-14]
NeXT-like window manager for X11

	Updated analog to 4.03 [tron 2000-02-23]
Extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles

	Updated ap-ssl to 2.5.0 [jwise 2000-02-16]
Secure Sockets Layer module for Apache

	Updated apache6 to 1.3.11p0 [itojun 2000-02-21]
The Apache web server (, with IPv6 support

	Updated cervisia to 0.5.0. [hubertf 2000-02-24]
Graphical frontend for the CVS client

	Updated coda5_client to 5.3.5 [fredb 2000-02-08]
client programs for a replicated high-performance network file system

	Updated coda5_server to 5.3.5 [fredb 2000-02-08]
server programs for a replicated high-performance network file system

	Updated darcnes to 2000-02-19 [wiz 2000-02-20]
multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Updated dap to 2.1 [scw 2000-02-22]
	Updated dap to 2.1.1 [scw 2000-02-29]
Digital audio recording and processing package

	Updated ddd to 3.2 [rh 2000-02-03]
Data Display Debugger -- a common graphical front-end for GDB/DBX/XDB

	Updated emixer to 0.5.0 [hubertf 2000-02-02]
mpg123-frontend that can mix two mp3 streams, and fade between them

	Updated emma to 0.7.5 [wiz 2000-02-28]
Money management program

	Updated esound to 0.2.17 [wiz 2000-02-06]
the Enlightened sound daemon

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.3 [frueauf 2000-02-06]
Network protocol analyzer

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.28 [rh 2000-02-01]
	Updated gcombust to 0.1.29 [rh 2000-02-19]
Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated geda to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
Toolset for automating electronic design

	Updated geda-docs to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
HTML documentation for gEDA

	Updated geda-symbols to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
Library of symbols for gEDA

	Updated geda-utils to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
Set of utilites for gEDA

	Updated gindent to 2.2.5 [wiz 2000-02-06]
GNU version of pretty-printer for C source code

	Updated gnapster to 1.3.5 [wiz 2000-02-21]
	Updated gnapster to 1.3.6 [wiz 2000-02-27]
simple client for the online mp3 community

	Updated gnetlist to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
Netlist generation program

	Updated gnome to [tron 2000-02-01]
"meta-package" for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-pim to 1.0.55 [rh 2000-02-01]
Personal Information Manager for GNOME

	Updated gnupg to 1.0.1 [wiz 2000-02-27]
Privacy Guard, a public-Key encryption and digital signature utility

	Updated gsymcheck to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
EDA (Electronic Design Automation) symbol checker

	Updated icewm to 1.0.2 [wiz 2000-02-20]
small, fast and light-weight window manager

	Updated icewm-gnome to 1.0.2 [wiz 2000-02-20]
small, fast and light-weight window manager (GNOME version)

	Updated inn to 2.2.2 [tron 2000-02-27]
the public release of InterNet News (INN)

	Updated ircII to 4.4M [mrg 2000-02-01]
The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client

	Updated ja-micq to 0.4.3 [wiz 2000-02-06]
Text-based ICQ implementation

	Updated lavaps to 1.10 [hubertf 2000-02-17]
Lava lamp of currently running processes

	Updated libgeda to 20000220 [rh 2000-02-22]
Library of shared modules for gEDA

	Updated libslang to 1.4.0 [mjl 2000-02-25]
Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development

	Updated libtool to 1.3.4 [fredb 2000-02-12]
Generic shared library support script

	Updated lsof to 4.49.2 [wiz 2000-02-19]
	Updated lsof to 4.49.3 [wiz 2000-02-22]
Lists information about open files

	Updated lwp to 1.1 [fredb 2000-02-03]
Light Weight Process style threads

	Updated mpg123 to be IPv6 ready [itojun 2000-02-18]
Command-line player for mpeg layer 1, 2 and 3 audio

	Updated mrtg to 2.8.12 [tron 2000-02-07]
The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher

	Updated ntp4 to 4.0.99d [fredb 2000-02-08]
Network Time Protocol Version 4

	Updated pdflib to 2.01 [drochner 2000-02-03]
C library to produce PDF files

	Updated png to 1.0.5 [tron 2000-02-09]
Library for manipulating PNG images

	Updated pngcrush to 1.3.4 [wiz 2000-02-09]
Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files

	Updated pth to 1.2.3 [wiz 2000-02-05]
	Updated pth to 1.3.0 [wiz 2000-02-20]
	Updated pth to 1.3.1 [wiz 2000-02-21]
	Updated pth to 1.3.2 [wiz 2000-02-27]
GNU Portable Thread library

	Updated pth-current to 1.3b1 [wiz 2000-02-05]
GNU Portable Thread library

	Updated py-dtml to 2.1.4 [tsarna 2000-02-14]
DTML and StructuredText from Zope, also independently useful

	Updated py-extclass to 2.1.4 [tsarna 2000-02-14]
Python-extensible C "classes" and Acquisition for Python

	Updated qpage to 3.3 [agc 2000-02-02]
Simple and efficient paging (SNPP) client and server

	Updated skill to 3.7.8 [wiz 2000-02-19]
	Updated skill to 3.7.9 [wiz 2000-02-20]
Signal processes given user names, ttys, commands, or pids

	Updated smalleiffel to 0.77 [jlam 2000-02-21]
GNU Eiffel compiler

	Updated snort to 1.5.1 [rh 2000-02-04]
Libpcap-based packet sniffer/logger

	Updated spruce to 0.5.14 [tron 2000-02-04]
MIME-aware, GNOME-based email program

	Updated squid 2.3s1 [tron 2000-02-28]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated thttpd to 2.15. [hubertf 2000-02-09]
tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server

	Updated tin to 1.4.2 [wiz 2000-02-06]
TIN newsreader (termcap based)

	Updated tgif to 4.1.26 [dmcmahill 2000-02-06]
	Updated tgif to 4.1.27 [dmcmahill 2000-02-27]
Fully-featured X11 drawing program

	Updated trn to 4.72 [wiz 2000-02-16]
Threaded version of rn, the classic news reader

	Updated upclient to 4.09 [wiz 2000-02-16]
Keeps track of your server uptime, and compares it to other hosts

	Updated verilog to 20000212 [dmcmahill 2000-02-14]
Verilog simulation and synthesis tool

	Updated vice to 1.2 [wiz 2000-02-08]
Emulator for C64, C128, CBM-II, PET, and VIC20

	Updated wmakerconf to 2.5 [wiz 2000-02-05]
Gtk+ based configuration tool for Window Maker

	Updated wwwoffle to 2.5c [itohy 2000-02-16]
	Updated wwwoffle to 2.5d [itohy 2000-02-22]
WWW proxy with support for offline browsing

	Updated xarchon to 0.50 [wiz 2000-02-06]
Chess-like strategy game with battle options

	Updated xcruise to 0.24 [minoura 2000-02-04]
Navigate through a three-dimensional view of a file system

	Updated xmcd to 2.6 [fredb 2000-02-13]
Motif CD player

	Updated xscreensaver to 3.23 (needs latest lesstif) [wiz 2000-02-01]
Screen saver and locker for the X window system

	Updated xwrits to 2.11 [dmcmahill 2000-02-29]
Wrist break reminder for prevention of repetitive stress injuries

	Updated yacas to 1.0.29 [dmcmahill 2000-02-29]
Yet Another Computer Algebra System

	Updated zebra to 0.84b [itojun 2000-02-06]
Free multithreaded routing daemon software

	Updated zope to 2.1.4 [tsarna 2000-02-14]
Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment

	Updated zope-mysql to 1.1.3nb1 [tsarna 2000-02-27]
Zope Database Adaptor for MySQL

Packages removed from the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed afterstep-current [fredb 2000-02-15]
Obsolete following upgrade of afterstep package

	Removed py-mysql [tsarna 2000-02-26]
Obselete following addition of py-mysqldb package