Subject: NetBSD Real Quick News Letter
To: None <>
From: Chris Coleman <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 02/09/2000 11:39:21
		 NetBSD Real-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
		    Things Happening in NetBSD.


NetBSD Firewall 
February 07, 2000

A new NetBSD based easy to install firewall is emerging. The current 0.9  
release is a test version. The system is fully operational, and fairly  
secure, but it is being tested by a select group of beta testers, all  
people with extensive experience in corporate firewalls, and suggestions  
for improvements are constantly being made. They expect to have a 1.0  
release at the end of march 2000.  This might especially be interesting 
as more and more people are having  small networks hooked up to the 'net 
with xDSL and cablemodems. 


Support for AdvanSys SCSI U2W (LVD) adapters 
February 04, 2000

NetBSD now supports the AdvanSys U2W SCSI host adapters. These boards are  
handled by the adw driver which  now support all of the following:  
  ABP-940UW (68)  
(This is in  <a href="">
NetBSD-current</a>,  the development branch of NetBSD, and will  be 
included with NetBSD-1.5.) 



Wildcard depends and the NetBSD Packages System in general 
February 02, 2000

Abstract: This document first recalls how dependencies  worked in the 
NetBSD Packages System so far, and  describes a way for using wildcards
to install binary packages  that contain wildcard dependencies, and 
implement better  conflicting packages. In addition, an overview of the 
changes  since the pkg_* tools were picked up is given. 


NetBSD at the Canadian Special Olympics 2000 Winter Games 
January 28, 2000

The Canadian Special Olympics 2000 Winter Games used several NetBSD servers  
to provide connectivity, file storage,  and backup. At the main office, 
a NetBSD server provided shared and secure  Internet dial service for up 
to 20  machines, as well as file storage and automated off-site backups 
from June  1999. As the Games approached, several other NetBSD servers were 
set up on lan's at the various event venues to  provide Internet service for 
event officials, the  media, and the athletes. These servers allow officials 
to post results to  the web site immediately after the results are  finalized, 
media to communicate stories and results to their offices, and  athletes to 
send email back home and check out  the results. 



Blueprints: Software RAID for BSD: Vinum
by Greg Lehey

Many BSD systems have storage needs which current generation disks can't
fulfill by themselves: they may want more storage, more performance or more
reliability than an individual disk can provide... Read More

 Contributing to BSD.

 I started Daemon News almost two years ago because I wasn't a programmer
and I still wanted to contribute to BSD. I did make a good effort at
becoming a programmer so I could contribute back to BSD. I even wrote
a small PERL utility and tried to get it committed. No Luck.

 After much struggling, I realized that I just wasn't a programmer. When
I started DN, the huge response I got told me that there are a lot of
non-programmer types out there that would like to contribute to BSD also.
At DN, we have a lot of not-so-techy type volunteer positions available.

Daemon News Mall

We are trying to position ourselves as the main reseller for all BSD
related items.  We are off to a good start, and I think we have the basics

Now we need your help.  We need to contact EVERYONE selling BSD
merchandise and talk them into listing it with us.  If everyone on this
list would fire up a couple of e-mail to their favorite vendors and tell
them that DN would like to resell their products, it would be great.


        -Chris Coleman <>
         Daemon News Editor in Chief <>