Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 1999
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 10/07/1999 01:41:59
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in September 1999

I continue to be amazed, and very thankful for, the amount of work
that is put into the packages collection by many people - a large
"thank you" to you all from me.

Packages added to the collection include:  abiword-personal,
cdrecord-current, choparp, exim, gensolpkg, gnome-audio, htdig,
intlfonts, some Japanese vector font-based packages, kdbg, kdevelop,
LPRng, Mesa-glx, qpage, quicklist, qvplay, suby-gtk and ruby-Tk,
snort, stylewriter, ted (thanks, Dan), ucd-snmp-current, w3m, wm2, and

Updated packages include:  afterstep-current, apache6, bladeenc,
boehm-gc, cvs-current, ethereal, fetchmail, gcombust, some gnome
modules, gnumeric, ImageMagick, kde (thanks, Matthias), lesstif,
libxml, mutt, openldap, postfix, postgresql, pth, ruby, screen, the
SuSE Linux compatibility packages, tcptrace, tgif, vnc, windowmaker,
XF86Setup, xforms and zebra.

The Package of the Month Award goes to screen (pkgsrc/misc/screen),
nominated by Matt Green.  For those of you who don't know it, screen
gives you the ability to have multiple terminal sessions running at
one time.  Whilst this is nothing new to the users of X11 out there,
the ability to detach a running screen session, login from another
machine and attach to the same session, has become invaluable to me
over the last few years - very useful for checking long-running work
tasks from home, for example, and for searching through text which has
scrolled off screen long ago.

Honourable mentions (from me) go to cdda2wav (part of
pkgsrc/sysutils/cdrecord-current) and pkgsrc/audio/lame for the
ability to read the audio data from CDs and encode it into .mp3
format, and pkgsrc/audio/gqmpeg for playing the resulting mp3s.

Alistair G. Crooks
Thu Oct  7 07:14:35 BST 1999

Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection
========================================= Added PLIST_SUBST definition to substitute
		${VAR} with the value of VALUE in the PLIST.
		[sakamoto 1999-09-03]

Packages added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added abiword-personal-0.7.5 [jlam 1999-09-11]
Open Source cross-platform word processor

	Added amanda-plot-2.4.1p1 (split out from amanda-server)
		[bad 1999-09-06]
Visualizes the behavior of Amanda, a network backup system.

	Added catclock-0.0 [drochner 1999-09-08]
Variant of the MIT xclock with a "cat" mode

	Added cdrecord-1.8a28 as "cdrecord-current" [tron 1999-09-17]
This program allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder.

        Added choparp-971007 [dbj 1999-09-12]
Simple proxy arp daemon

	Added cpogm-1.0 [kim 1999-09-12]
copy owner, group and mode of a file

	Added cvs2cl-1.117 [sakamoto 1999-09-03]
CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script

	Added exim-3.03 [ad 1999-09-07]
The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail.

	Added gdcd-0.0.2 [rh 1999-09-04]
a CD player for the X Window System using the GIMP Tool Kit (GTK).

	Added gensolpkg-1.0 [agc 1999-09-23]
a utility to generate a Solaris package

	Added gnome-audio-1.0.0 [rh 1999-09-03]
a set of audio files for GNOME.

	Added gperiodic-1.2.6 [jlam 1999-09-14]
Displays a periodic table of the elements

	Added gzip-1.2.4a [kim 1999-09-18]
The "meta-package" for the GZIP compression utility.

	Added htdig-3.1.2 [fredb 1999-09-20]
WWW indexing and searching system.

	Added intlfonts-1.1 [tron 1999-09-08]
Free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs can handle

	Added isect-1.0 [jlam 1999-09-15]
open source middleware daemon

	Added ja-vflib-2.24.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-03]
Japanese Vector font library with free vector font

	Added ja-vfghostscript-5.50 [sakamoto 1999-09-03]
Japanese Vector font version of postscript interpreter

	Added kdbg-1.0beta2 [wennmach 1999-09-27]
Graphical User Interface around gdb using KDE

	Added kdevelop-1.0beta2 [wennmach 1999-09-23]
Intergrated Development Enviroment for Unix/X11/KDE. 

	Added libcdaudio-0.99.1 [rh 1999-09-04]
a multi-platform CD player development library.

	Added libsmi-0.1.6 [sakamoto 1999-09-08]
A library to access SMI MIB information

	Added LPRng-3.6.8 [jlam 1999-09-13]
An Enhanced Printer Spooler

	Added maketool-0.3 [fredb 1999-09-17]
a graphical front end to GNU make.

	Added Mesa-glx-19990804 [tron 1999-09-30]
OpenGL like graphics library with GLX hardware acceleration.

	Added ns-flash-4.0.12 [jlam 1999-09-04]
MacroMedia Flash Player Netscape plugin

	Added oneko-1.1b [hubertf 1999-09-10]
Like xneko except on the desktop and with other animals

	Added p5-Bit-Vector-5.7 [kim 1999-09-03]
Efficient base class implementing bit vectors.

	Added p5-File-PathConvert-0.85 [kim 1999-09-03]
Convert paths and URLs from absolute to relative and vice versa.

	Added p5-GD-1.21 [kim 1999-09-03]
Interface to Gd Graphics Library.

	Added p5-Image-Size-2.901 [kim 1999-09-03]
Read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats.

	Added patch-2.5.4 [kim 1999-09-18]
Patch files using diff output.

	Added pgaccess-0.98 [jlam 1999-09-21]
a free graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL

	Added pkgdep-1.0 [sakamoto 1999-09-21]
a script for displaying dependence information on software packages

	Added qpage-3.2 [agc 1999-09-21]
a simple and efficient paging (SNPP) client and server

	Added quicklist-0.8.2 [jlam 1999-09-14]
a simple database like AppleWorks & MS Works

	Added qvplay-0.94 [jwise 1999-09-17]
software for use with CASIO QV digital cameras

	Added ra-pna-proxy-3.0b1 [tron 1999-09-01]
Proxy server for the RealAudio PNA protocol

	Added ra-rtsp-proxy- [tron 1999-09-01]
Proxy server for the RealAudio RTSP protocol

	Added ruby-gtk-0.21 [sakamoto 1999-09-17]
Ruby interface to Gtk+ toolkits

	Added ruby-Tk-1.4.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-17]
Ruby interface to Tcl/Tk libraries

	Added snort-1.2.1 [rh 1999-09-10]
a libpcap-based packet sniffer/logger

	Added spiceprm-0.11 [dmcmahill 1999-09-30]
A Spice preprocessor for parameterized subcircuits

	Added stylewriter-0.9.9 [jlam 1999-09-04]
Apple StyleWriter driver for un*x

	Added ted-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-02]
X11 based WordPad-like word processor.

	Added ted-cs-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Czech spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-da-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Danish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-de-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
German spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-en-gb-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
UK English spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-en-us-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
US English spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-es-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Spanish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-fr-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
French spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-it-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Italian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-nl-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Dutch spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-no-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Norwegian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-pt-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Portuguese spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ted-sv-2.5 [dmcmahill 1999-09-19]
Swedish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor.

	Added ucd-snmp- as "ucd-snmp-current" [kim 1999-09-22]
Extensible SNMP implementation.

	Added vast_f90-3.4N5 [wennmach 1999-09-16]
Fortran 90 compiler binary

	Added w3m-990902 [sakamoto 1999-09-27]
A terminal-based WWW browser with HTML tables and frames support.

	Added wm2-4.0 [fredb 1999-09-28]
Minimalist window manager for X

	Added wmfire- [hubertf 1999-09-24]
Displays generated fire according to system load.

	Added xamp-0.8.7 [hubertf 1999-09-17]
A version of amp (stands for `Audio Mpeg Player') plus a Qt GUI

	Added xaniroc-1.02 [simonb 1999-09-28]
animate your root-cursor

	Added xbeats-0.4 [hubertf 1999-09-24]
Beats clock dockable in both Window Maker and AfterStep

	Added xdu-3.0 [hubertf 1999-09-20]
Display the output of "du" in an X window

	Added xfce-3.1.0 [jwise 1999-09-06]
Lightweight desktop environment with a look and feel similar to CDE

	Added xpdf-crypto-0.90 [fredb 1999-09-25]
Display tool for PDF files, including encrypted ones.

	Added zlib-1.1.3 [kim 1999-09-19]
A general purpose data compression library.

Changes to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated afterstep-current to 1.7.146 [fredb 1999-09-02]
	Updated afterstep-current to 1.7.149 [fredb 1999-09-19]
NeXT-like window manager for X11

	Updated analog to 3.32 [tron 1999-09-02]
An extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles.

	Updated apache6 to 1.3.9 [itojun 1999-09-01]
The Apache web server (, with IPv6 support

	Updated baduki to 0.2.9 [bad 1999-09-10]
a Go playing program based on xamigo

	Updated bladeenc to 0.82-stable2 [simonb 1999-09-13]
Free MPEG Audio Layer 3 encoder (not decoder)

	Updated boehm-gc to 5.0a3 [jlam 1999-09-24]
Garbage collection and memory leak detection for C and C++.

	Updated cvs-current to 1.10.7 [mjl 1999-09-20]
Concurrent Versions System; beta version.

	Updated ethereal to 0.7.3 [tron 1999-09-04]
A network protocol analyzer

	Updated fetchmail to 5.0.8 [frueauf 1999-09-16]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.1.0 [frueauf 1999-09-25]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap.

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.21 [rh 1999-09-08]
Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated gensolpkg to 1.1 [agc 1999-09-28]
	Updated gensolpkg to 1.2 [agc 1999-09-29]
	Updated gensolpkg to 1.3 [agc 1999-09-30]
a utility to generate a Solaris package

	Updated giram to 0.1.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-09] 
Giram is Really A Modeller

	Updated gmc to 4.5.38 [tron 1999-09-03]
Gnome version of Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.0.16 [rh 1999-09-03]
Libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-print to 0.7 [rh 1999-09-08]
A prototype implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

	Updated gnumeric to 0.34 [rh 1999-09-08]
A powerful and easy to use spreadsheet program from the GNOME project

	Updated ImageMagick to 4.2.9 [tron 1999-09-11]
a package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated kakasi to 2.3.0 [sakamoto 1999-09-30]
Kanji-Kana Simple Inverter, language filter for Japanese.

	Updated kde to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
"meta-package" for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdebase to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Base modules for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdegames to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Games for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdegraphics to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Graphics programs for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdelibs to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Support libraries for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdenetwork to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Network modules for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdesupport to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Mime library for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated kdeutils to 1.1.2 [tron 1999-09-15]
Utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop

	Updated koth to 0.7.6 [hubertf 1999-09-06]
The classic "shoot the other tank" artillery game, networked

	Updated lesstif to 0.88.9 [drochner 1999-09-03]
API compatible clone of the Motif toolkit

	Updated libglade to 0.5 [rh 1999-09-08]
A runtime interpreter for GLADE gui files

	Updated libtool to 1.3.3 [christos 1999-09-02]
Generic shared library support script.

	Updated libxml to 1.6.1 [rh 1999-09-03]
An XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project.

	Updated mc to 4.5.38 [tron 1999-09-03]
Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated mutt to 1.0pre2 [tron 1999-09-01]
text-based MIME mail client with PGP support

	Updated namazu to [sakamoto 1999-09-30]
Namazu is a search engine software intended for easy use.

	Updated netcat-1.10 for broadcast capability [is 1999-09-07]
Read and write data across network connections

	Updated netname to 1.7 [kim 1999-09-14]
return the canonical network name of a host

	Updated openldap to 1.2.7 [hwr 1999-09-10]
A lightweight directory access protocol server and client package 

	Updated pkg_install to 19990909; fixes second invocation of
		the DEINSTALL script by pkg_delete. [hubertf 1999-09-09]
NetBSD-current's pkg_* tools

	Updated pkglint to 1.76; fixes PR 8350 by advising to use
		${MASTER_SITE_xxx:=subdir/} instead of MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR
		[hubertf 1999-09-09]
	Updated pkglint to 1.77; allows more than one consecutive
		character in the pkg version. Noted by Simon Burge.
		[hubertf 1999-09-13]
A verifier for NetBSD package directory.

	Updated port2pkg to 1.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-03]
Convert from a FreeBSD port to a NetBSD package

	Updated postfix to 19990906-pl02 [simonb 1999-09-12]
postfix smtp server and tools

	Updated postgresql to 6.5.1 [jlam 1999-09-19]
	Updated postgresql to 6.5.2 [jlam 1999-09-20]
a robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS

	Updated pth to 1.1.5 [rh 1999-09-03]
GNU Portable Thread library

	Updated ruby to 1.4.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-17]
the Object-Oriented Script Language

	Updated screen to 3.9.5 [tron 1999-09-03]
A multi-screen window manager.

	Updated sketch to 0.6.2 [sakamoto 1999-09-20]
An interactive drawing program.

	Updated sox to 12.16 [hubertf 1999-09-29]
SOund eXchange - universal sound sample translator.

	Updated ssh-1.2.27 to include Kerberos IV support [kim 1999-09-18]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program).

	Updated suse_base to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package

	Updated suse_compat to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package with old shared libraries

	Updated suse_devel to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package - development tools

	Updated suse_libc5 to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package for libc5 binaries

	Updated suse_linux to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package collection

	Updated suse_x11 to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package for X11 binaries

	Updated suse_xforms to 6.1p1 [tron 1999-09-20]
Linux compatibility package for xforms binaries

	Updated t1lib to 0.9.2 [fredb 1999-09-24]
a library for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts

	Updated tcptrace to 5.2.1 [drochner 1999-09-15]
a TCP dump file analysis tool

	Updated tgif to 4.1.17 [dmcmahill 1999-09-12]
Fully-featured X11 drawing program.

	Updated top to 3.5beta9 [agc 1999-09-29]
The ubiquitous system monitoring utility.

	Updated vnc to 3.3.3 [tron 1999-09-02]
Display X and Win32 desktops on remote X/Win32/Java displays.

	Updated windowmaker to 0.61.0 [tron 1999-09-21]
GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) window manager clone

	Updated wmthemes to 0.6x [tron 1999-09-21]
Themes for the window manager WindowMaker

	Updated wwwoffle to 2.4 [tron 1999-09-03]
WWW proxy with support for offline browsing

	Updated xboard to 4.0.3 [simonb 1999-09-12]
graphical frontend for GNU Chess, Crafty, ICS or e-mail chess

	Updated xchat to 1.2.0 [tron 1999-09-08]
	Updated xchat to 1.2.1 [tron 1999-09-30]
X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit.

	Updated XF86Setup to 3.3.5 [tron 1999-09-02]
Graphical configuration tool for XFree86

	Updated xforms-0.88 to support i386 with ELF [jwise 1999-09-13]
Graphical user interface toolkit for X Window System

	Updated xpdf to 0.90 [fredb 1999-09-24]
Display tool for PDF files.

	Updated ytalk to 3.1.1 [jlam 1999-09-13]
Multi-user replacement for UNIX talk.

	Updated zebra to 0.79 [itojun 1999-09-13]
Free multithreaded routing daemon software

	Updated zope to 2.0.1 [tsarna 1999-09-23]
Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment

Other Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Removed linux_lib-2.4 [tron 1999-09-23]
- obsolete out of date package

	Removed t1libx [fredb 1999-09-24]
- made obsolete by changes to the t1lib package

	Moved ted-2.5 from pkgsrc/print to pkgsrc/textproc 
		[dmcmahill 1999-09-18]
- simple category change

	Removed vast_f90-3.4N5 [wennmach 1999-09-23]
- awaiting resolution of some licensing issues