Subject: Announcing The NetBSD Foundation
To: None <netbsd-announce@NetBSD.ORG>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 11/03/1995 17:10:15
We are pleased to announce that on September 28th, 1995 the NetBSD
Foundation was incorporated in the state of Delaware as a non-profit
organization.  The purpose of the corporation is to encourage, foster,
and promote the free exchange of computer software, namely the NetBSD
Operating System.

The corporation will allow for many things to be handled more smoothly
than could be done by the informal organization as it exists today.
In particular, it will provide the framework to deal more handsomely
with other parties that wish to become involved in the NetBSD Project.

We believe that The NetBSD Foundation will help improve the quality of
NetBSD by:

	* having a better organization to keep track of development
	  efforts, including co-ordination with groups working in 
          related fields.

	* providing a framework to receive donations of goods and
          services and to own the resources necessary to run the
	  NetBSD Project.

	* providing a better position from which to undertake
	  promotional activities.

	* periodically organizing workshops for developers and other
	  interested people to discuss ongoing work.

J.T. Conklin is the president of the Foundation.  The members of the
NetBSD core group, J.T. Conklin, Charles Hannum, and Paul Kranenburg
make up the initial board of directors.

Parties that have an interest in distributing the NetBSD system or
which care to support the Foundation in other ways, can contact
us at the address below.

Corporate Offices are:
	131 Santa Marina Street
	San Francisco, CA 94110

Fax:	+1 415 647 9126

J.T. Conklin,
President, The NetBSD Foundation