Subject: Updated AFS ports for NetBSD (m68k, sparc, i386)
To: None <netbsd-announce@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@MIT.EDU>
List: netbsd-announce
Date: 08/29/1995 11:32:30
I've updated all the NetBSD AFS packages with some bug fixes and
improved behavior.  You can now unmount and unload AFS (you must unload
and reload AFS before remounting AFS).  At shutdown time, an AFS daemon
will trap a shutdown signal an automatically try to unmount /afs.  [You
will manually need to unload AFS if you want to reload and remount AFS.]

This is version 1.26.  The NetBSD-current kernel modules in these
distributions are for -current as of 1995/08/25.  >> This -current
binary release will not work for older NetBSD-current systems. <<

The binary packages are in:
As usual, contact your site's AFS administrator to get access to these
files (access is restricted to sites licensed for the AFS client code).

MD5 hashes are:

00bd5ac5f024c484e2d90dafce6a1ead  afs33-i386.README
b89f497c10685fcd3fc860fec713f1e6  afs33-i386.tgz
97e66d0b02e1079b2a97bcf8583b2e62  afs33-m68k4k.README
cb15391f40fc4ba72699ec57d1d972fd  afs33-m68k4k.tgz
f51602dd5fa361a077b021d936a4fc4b  afs33-m68k8k.README
3bd4b47dd02edce709d49254eaa621ef  afs33-m68k8k.tgz
f6bfa35cc601b28d9cb2dd16f20e6de1  afs33-sparc.README
a1175b573bf1fbf98d2e967fb5ab62ca  afs33-sparc.tgz

I've also updated the source diffs at:


which are available to source-licensed Transarc customers.