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Reporting the current status of world wide IPv6 deployment and progress to itojun

After "IPv6 Summit in TOKYO 2017" ,
related a social gathering held called

 "Reporting the current status of world wide IPv6 deployment and 
 progress to itojun": Nov.27 TOKYO JAPAN

I make a talk about itojun,have a good time with 80 attendances.

- In Jan.17 1989(aka Heisei 1),Jun Murai connected TCP/IP between US-JP.
  The History of TCP/IP network in Japan start Heisei 1 (29years old)

- In Jul.2  1999(aka Heisei 10),Hagino -itojun- Jun-ichiro commited IPv6 code to NetBSD.
  The History of IPv6 network in Japan almost start 2000 (18 years old)

- getaddrinfo.c - Find out the essence of IPv6 implimenation[]=lib&path[]=libc&path[]=net&path[]=getaddrinfo.c

- getaddrinfo(3) on numerical addresses 

   "I've noticed[*] that on NetBSD, getaddrinfo(3) does a resolver lookup even 
if presented a numerical address. Is this on purpose? Would it have a 
drawback if it would first try to inet_pton() the address?
On Linux, it seems to avoid the resolver lookup."
  See the thread,Tatsuya Jinmei follow-ups.

- NetBSD source tree keep up with itojun's code and commit messages. page 18-24.
  1st NetBSD core@ from Japan.
  C    132674 lines
  pkgsrc 4049 lines
  htdocs 3459 lines

- Default itojuns responsibilities to core by spz@ Mar.21 2008

 spz@ gives kindly message to this event.thanx!

- Update responsibilities, removing itojun by wiz@ Nov.17 2007
  bind,citrus,gettext,KAME Project,tcpdump,porcupine,OpenSSL,OpenBSD,tcpdump

- Languages

- Last presentation in OpenSourceConference 2007 Tokyo/Fall

  Japan NetBSD Users' Group held boot at the Open Source Confernce 2007 Tokyo/Fall.
  I introduced @oshimyja's NetBSD/X68030 to itojun.

  Japan NetBSD Users' Group held boot at the Open Source Confernce 2017 Hiroshima in last week.
  displayed NetBSD/X68030.
  Sound! NetBSD by isaki@

- NetBSD booth
  139 NetBSD OpenSouceConfernce booths since 2004-2017 all over Japan
  118 NetBSD PDF guides since 2010

- NetBSD Raspberry PI Image update on OpenSouceConfernce

- Meet itojun in AsiaBSDCon.
  see the last page.

- AsiaBSDCon2018: Mar 8-11 2018 Tokyo University of Science,Tokyo

  I'll make NetBSD booth and NetBSD developer/user meeting. AsiaBSDCon2017 togetter.

  Need more donation:
   Please ask (Hiroki Sato,

- "Revolution - Evolution - Devolution." - RED by PANTA.

- George!
- Kame no ko sen (Kame child) - present from itojun's mother.

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

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