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NetBSD machines at KANSAI OPEN FORUM 2015

The Japan NetBSD Users' Group members held booth
at the KANSAI OPEN FORUM 2015 on Nov. 6-7 2015:


The NetBSD booth exhibited the following machines:
 - Sun Ultra-5 NetBSD/sparc64 NetBSD7.0+mule-1.1+FreeWnn+mikutter 
 - Raspberry Pi2 mikutter+Xfce4+omxplayer+livestreamer+firefox
 - WZERO3 NetBSD/hpcarm
 - XM6i NetBSD/x68k on ODROID-C1
 - pkgsrc on MacOS by @e_yuuki_BSD
 - NetBSD sticker

- fdgw2 - One Floppy NetBSD System Version 2 by Yuuki Enomoto  @e_yuuki_BSD
- emacs 18.59 and mule 1.1 on NetBSD 7.0 by  @tsutsuii
-  by  @ebijun

Raspberry Pi running updated 2015-11-07-netbsd-raspi.img image:

More pictures are available on Togetter page:
 OSC2015 Tokushima: Nov.14 TOKUSHIMA,JAPAN

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

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