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luna68k at Open Source Conference 2013 Kyoto

jun@ wrote on www-changes@:

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>       Aug 2013 - Open Source Conference 2013 Kansai@Kyoto

As noted in the www event page by Ebihara-san,
OMRON LUNA and LUNA-II (and other machines) were demonstrated
on a NetBSD booth at Open Source Conference 2013 Kansai @ Kyoto.
I'd like to pick up some pictures of these machines.

OMRON LUNA (MC68030) and LUNA-II (MC68040) running NetBSD/luna68k 6.1
and Twitter clients (pkgsrc/net/tw and pkgsrc/net/mikutter) on
mlterm-fb (pkgsrc/x11/mlterm) framebuffer console (i.e. without X server):

GENIALstation 737S, sparc64 compatible laptop:

and Raspberry Pi (running 2013-07-30-netbsd-raspi.img pre-installed image):

Many people said "NetBSD booth is insane ;-)"

More pictures are available on Togetter (in Japanese):

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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