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Re: NetBSD LiveUSB

from Juraj Sipos:

> I could not find a NetBSD Live USB image on the Internet, so I made my own.
> I am contacting you on the recommendation of Hubert Feyrer, who wrote me:
> ---
> thanks for your email - i think this is a very cool project!
> I haven't found time to try it out myself, but there's a blog entry to point
> people at it:

> Maybe you want to write to and/or
> to tell people about this, too?

> Keep up the good work!

Live USB allows users to see what NetBSD looks like without modifying the 
hard drive.  Get a look-see before altering your hard drive.

I saw where I could download images for live USB OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD, 
but not NetBSD.

Build system in /usr/src for NetBSD 6 and HEAD can build a live USB image,
but this is only the base system.  I did this for HEAD but haven't tested it
yet.  No graphic interface because I prefer to try modular Xorg from pkgsrc.

You can also download NetBSD from

and install that to USB stick if desired, but again, this is only the base
system with no added packages.  I've done that several times.


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