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Re: An X68030 day at OSC 2011 Hiroshima

> > > and I'll also exhibit X68k server at the next OSC 2011 Hiroshima ;-p
> > 
> > Last weekend three X68030s running NetBSD at OSC 2011 Hiroshima:
> >
> > 
> > and 5.99.55 GENERIC worked on X68030 + 060turbo ;-)

BTW, bootloader issue found at the NetBSD booth has been committed:

> nice, I've never seen such machines before in my life. :-)
> Unfortunately, many of these nice machines never made it over to Europe...

Well, "an Amiga and Atary day" in Europe would be great, I guess :-)

> But: Can't these pictures be uploaded to the NetBSD web server? I don't like
> these mass picture hosters, they have ads everywhere, are slow and eventually
> you won't find your pictures in a few years anymore.

If someone[tm] will try to struggle with xslt+xml files
under, I can provide all my pictures.

IMO, all ads and scripts are acceptable as consideration for
easy user interfaces which allow a well timed event report.

Izumi Tsutsui

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