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Solutions Linux 2010 - 16-18th March, Paris Porte de Versailles


For the 11th year, was held the "Solutions Linux and Opensource" event in Paris
Porte de Versailles, from March 16th to 18th.
NetBSD(fr) has been holding a booth for the 2nd year in the "Associations'
village", where visitors could find most of the active Free and Open Source
Software associations: April,
{Ubuntu,Mandriva,Fedora,PutYourFavoriteDistroHere}-fr, as well as FreeBSD-fr
and BSDFrance. 

4 NetBSD developers were on the event: imil, tonio, jym and
myself, gls. Several other active members of the community were also present
to run the booth: chets, zatmania, orgrim.

We distributed something like 150 live CDs, 250 stickers (I had them printed
on my own funds in a french printing shop, using the official logo), and 25
case badges sold 2 Euros each (NetBSDfr will donate the collected amount of
money to the NetBSD project).

Lessons learnt from those two years of presence:
- goodies are a must, people began to stop at the booth when I put the
stickers on the table :-)
- have a handful of liveCDs available to give away. We had only one
installation request, so installation ISOs are not mandatory.
- Always the same questions. Have your NetBSD/Linux comparison chart ready :)
However, compared to last year, we had many more "technical" questions, mainly
around embedding NetBSD - thanks to jym@ on these ones.
- I had no time to have T-Shirts printed this year, but I think it would be
good for next year. I know Marc contacted Wim Vandeputte on the subject, I'll
contact him to work on the subject.

Next events where NetBSDfr will be present:
- Rencontre Bretonnes du Logiciel Libre in Rennes, May
- Journées Méditéranéennes du Logiciel Libre in Nice/Sophia-Antipolis,

Have a good day,
Guillaume, for

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