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NetBSD at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)

For the fourth year in a row, a group of us staffed a NetBSD booth at
the Southern California Linux Expo.  We fielded the usual array of
questions, from "What kind of Linux distro is NetBSD?" all the way to
"How come you don't have i386 PAE support under Xen[*]?"

Big thanks to fellow developer David Maxwell, who was a speaker at
SCALE and then spent a bunch of time helping out with the booth, and to
John Hickey, who was up at a dreaded single-digit morning hour to help
run things, and stayed through to the bitter end.  I think we all had a
great time, both talking to attendees and talking to the folks at the
other booths, from the Linux Astronomy project to the Software Freedom
Law Center.  Having a few people to staff the booth makes all the
difference, and meant that I had a chance to learn some more about
NetBSD from the other folks...

Thanks also the the SCALE organizers, especially Gareth Greenaway, who
was incredibly helpful and encouraging as we tried to get the booth
organized in the run-up to the show.


[*]  I was delighted to find that this appeared to be working in
-current, so that, after a little googling, I could point the guy at
a recent daily build kernel with the right support...

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