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Re: Can we make it harder to get NetBSD?

On Fri Jan 18 2008 at 12:42:50 -0700, Christopher W. Richardson wrote:
> I started off by warning that this was a rant, and the reason it's a
> rant is that I don't really have any constructive suggestions on what to
> do about this.  I'll be fine -- I'll install from the 3.1 CD image I
> already have, and then if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll download from
> CVS and upgrade to 4.0.  But seriously -- can we make it any harder for
> new users to get NetBSD?  Maybe it's just bad timing, and the server is
> down right now, and if I'd tried this in another couple of hours,
> nothing would have happened.  Somehow though, I don't think that's the
> case.

Good points.  But it's not really that difficult to make things better,
just takes time and work to pick them apart.  E.g. make sure information
is reachable from the website easily, collect information about what
is mirrored where directly on the website, make sure urls don't have
typos, do a test-install for every release from a first-time user's
perspective etc.  But getting there takes manpower, not rants.

Would you be willing to work on and provide concrete improvements for
the points you listed?  It doesn't have to be perfect, just fixing what
you experienced is likely to make it better for other people too.

p.s. ftp is up now ;)

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