Subject: Re: Website design proposal
To: None <>
From: Jacek Kutzmann <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/14/2005 18:28:46
Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:
> keep in mind that the priority for the NetBSD Project website is
> accessibility, not eye candy.
Remember that as any other os, NetBSD needs users. I think you'll agree
that project website has great impact on user decision about downloading
and giving a try to the system. It's especially importat since NetBSD
still isn't a very polular os.

> how does your web site look in lynx,
> links, dillo or other browsers which don't support css or even graphics?
It's still only a design, fully graphical. But I think it isn't so hard
to make a web page that looks good in both text and graphical browsers.
I know many sites that has much more graphics still looking good in text