Subject: Re: NetBSD toaster on (was Re: NetBSD toaster at
To: Christian von Kleist <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 08/11/2005 14:27:01
And now its on and we have no bandwidth left!  D'Oh!

The link from was already generating more traffic than we 
have available, and now that the slashdot crowds are arriving, loading our 
webpage is pretty much pointless. :-(

FWIW, our website is being served up using the same board as in the toaster. 
Apache is configured for 30 simultaneous connections (which all are full) 
and the load average is 0.3 and the system remains very responsive via ssh. 
As we had suspected, we're limited 100% by bandwidth and not by NetBSD or 
the TS-7200 board.

//Jesse Off

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>      The TS-7200-based toaster demo at LinuxWorld has a story at 
>      Jesse, this is the coolest little project.  It's a brilliant  way to 
> snag attention at the show, but -- and this is the truly  clever thing 
> about a flashy demo -- it opens up an avenue for  discussing NetBSD with 
> conference visitors that wouldn't exist  otherwise.  ...and we can heat up 
> lunch without leaving the booth!
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