Subject: Re: Star & NetBSD
To: None <,,>
From: Joerg Schilling <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/10/2005 22:03:33
"Gordon Waidhofer" <> wrote:

> Integrating star into NetBSD, as well as all UN*X systems,
> sure has my vote.

From my current view, I can only guess that Solaris will be the first OS 
that will switch to star ;-)

> Star is well positioned to support and
> facilitate the evolving file model. At
> a presentation I did a few months ago
> I made a case for everybody getting behind
> star as part of convergence.

Realy nice paper!

I was looking for a person to discuss xattr issues and did not find 
interested people. Even Jeff Bonwick (the main author for ZFS) did have a long
discussion (*) about many important ZFS features but did not help with
Linux xattr vs. Solaris extended Attribute files.

*) When I have been at the Solaris Open Source summit in September.

Well one result of the discussion with Jeff Bonwick is that we defined a new
interface to read out holes for sparse files that nicely fits into the POSIX

For Linux xattr: I would like to see a definition framework that allows
to implement Linux xattrs inside Solaris extended Attribute files.

Regarding Sun tar 'A': The impementation is broken, it does not implement numeric
			ACL uid/gid values and it does not clear inherited ACLs
			in case a file has a null ACL list.

			Star need to implement it in order to replace Sun tar

Regarding Sun tar 'E': This is completely broken. Most of the features should
			be implemented as POSIX.1-2001 'x' extensions instead of
			using POSIX.1-1988 tar extensions.

			Star need to implement it in order to replace Sun tar

Implementing Sun tar 'A' is simple but not high precedence.

Implementing Sun tar 'E' may be done soon but it would be a completely wrong
sign for others. I would like to discuss this topic and find a decent
way to implement a POSIX.1-2001 tar extension for it.


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