Subject: about the spokescritter
To: None <>
From: Filippo Cattaneo <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/30/2004 23:34:03
1) I have seen no comments on the Iwo Jima overtones
of the current logo from out numerous Japanese brethren.
Granted, whining is unJapanese, yet, one wonders...

2) I don't like the penguin-eating skua.
Why on earth focus on Linux? We're on the same boat.
Bad karma.

3) I like the goat.  Cute, horned, can be made to smile.

4) I also like the RETIARIUS.
Armed, sometimes armored, wields a trident, too.


Retiarius in a logo (not necessarily conflicting)
(Quicktime Tag Converter, and a nice minimalistic logo too)

Also:  oh! (no logo - an alias for ?)

Is there a gallery of logo contest entries up already somewhere?