Subject: Re: NetBSD logo design competition (updated, with corrections)
To: David Forster <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/18/2004 12:45:31
On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 05:33:41PM -0700, David Forster wrote:
> Personally, and speaking as a Christian, the first thing I think of
> when I see the BSD daemon is BSD's university roots.  It does, after
> all, look like a college football mascot (IMHO).  Maybe the new logo
> should be a swooshing-Nike-NFL like daemon logo to say that ``NetBSD
> is BSD gone pro.'' [*]
> Seriously, though, the problem the TNF is dealing with is that
> non-geek people don't know what to make of the logo.  The logo is kind
> of clever when you know what BSD is and what NetBSD is trying to do,

You know, the mascot of Duke University is a devil. I've never heard anyone
seriously upset about this, and I think I've only once heard about anyone
slightly upset. Duke's mascot is usually drawn with sharp points so it
looks angry (not cute like Beastie).  Really, the "Duke Blue Devil" (yes,
they even use the word "devil") doesn't seem to be a problem.

Of course, the Duke mascot is dark blue, not dark red. Perhaps the
color makes all the difference. 

Oh, and nobody ever complains about referring to Wake Forest's "demon
deacons" either. That's two universities with associated religious terms
and imagery in bible-belt North Carolina with nobody throwing a fit. 

How about a Beastie image the color of mustard, horseradish, or some
other condiment that isn't a shade of red? Or perhaps a carrot, banana,
or {green,yellow,orange} pepper colored Beastie?

How about we bring back the World-Tour Beastie but color him lavender?
Or khaki? Or a light shade of gray? You know, the artwork for the web
site could be a four piece band on stage with the mascot being the front

Some other ideas:

What about a rugged Beastie wearing a back pack, hiking shoes, and carrying
a walking stick? Too complicated still? Pose him like he just climbed a
tall mountain. 

Perhaps a Beastie wearing chain mail or full plate armor? Maybe an archer
Beastie? A viking Beastie? If Beastie was a viking we could pass of the
horns as being part of the helmet. A very small rendition could be just
the head with the helmet.

Or how about him wearing a suit and tie (with power colors) with a
briefcase? Or a PDA?

Can we get away with a tight black leather Beastie straight out of the
Matrix? With a cape? That might be too hard to draw small without losing
details, though. 

How about a Beastie that is a doctor, policeman, construction worker,
poet all in black, geek, file clerk, lumberjack, or any other kind of

At this point, if anyone is wondering, I can draw a rockin' stick figure
Beastie, but that's about it. 

(I'm OK with the "Iwo Daemon" image going away. It is a bit complicated
to draw.)
Kevin P. Neal                      

"What is mathematics? The age-old answer is, of course, that mathematics
 is what mathematicians do." - Donald Knuth