Subject: an idea of logo
To: None <>
From: Gilbert Fernandes <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/17/2004 16:19:50
yesterday i talked with krp, and we have an idea for
a logo that could also do a funny cartoon ;)

idea is a turtle. it would be a nice turtle,
with a green color or a nice color. the interesting
idea is it can put its head and legs inside its
body which acts as protection, and all know that
if the turtle goes slowly it's sometimes better
than running at full speed (you guys probably
heard of La Fontaine stories don't you ?)

then we had some cartoon ideas. the first one
would be the turtle inside its body with a few
bugs coming around of it and asking "duh! where's
the door to enter bugs ?" ;)

another one, still with a bug, would be inspired
by a sergio leone spaghetti western. the bug comes
near the netbsd turtle which is inside its body,
and starts talking "finally find you. like others,
you're gonna get it now and.." and a little gun
barrel goes out from the turtle body and shoots
the bug. next frame would have a little bubble
from inside the turtle body saying "when you
wanna shot, shot and don't talk" :D

another funny one would be a few feminine turtles,
going in a shop with various turtle bodies,
and for each we would have some variations like
"ipf", "ipf+altq", "pf" and one turtle would
wonder which one to choose, while the next one
points a red-colored one saying "hey grab the
red one, ipv6 is this year's mood !"

last one is a bit gloomy and i am not sure we
should do it. the turtle would be inside its
body, while a "darl" of sco fame would come to
it and start talking of reversing USL vs BSD
and such. the turtle would put its head out,
listen to huge bubbles from darl and say
"mm.. interesting. wanna come in to discuss ?"
so darl gets inside the turtle body. then nothing
happens for several frames and the last one would
just show the turtle body and.. a fart going out ;)

well. do you guys think a turtle would be fun ?

its body can talk about its resistance, it's a
nice a cute animal, that lives for a very, very
long time and we could add a little flag over its
body top with "NetBSD" flying into the flag.

krp asked if we could have a drawing that would
be representative of the many platforms netbsd
does run so i thought of a turtle factory.

there, we would have a moving band with various
machines or cpu moving on it. then on the right
we would have some machine that adds a top
and lower body part of turtle, so each different
machine or cpu would look the same from outside,
but each turtle would be powered by a different
cpu/machine. at the right end the head and
legs would pop-out and the turtle would start
walking :)

well. i think a turtle could be a funny logo.
with a little imagination we can do plenty
cartoons out of it.

krp is asking one of its friends to draw it
and do a few cartoons if possible. even if we
don't grab the turtle as logo, a netbsd cartoon
would be a nice idea :)

well what do you think of it ? :D

Gilbert Fernandes