Subject: RC5-72
To: None <>
From: Emre Yildirim <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/21/2003 03:18:49
Hello folks,

I'd like to remind everyone that there is a NetBSD team on  As many
of you already know, the RC5-64 project was completed some time ago, and NetBSD was
ranked 50 for top teams.  On the RC5-72 project we are in the 1000s :) So if anyone
has any spare machines that aren't doing anything, please take the time and setup a
client.  Right now it seems like we only have 12 people crunching numbers.  NetBSD's
ID is #4420, contact is

That's all, thanks.

(sorry for cross-posting, just trying to spread the word :)