Subject: Re: DesktopLinuxConsortium
To: Richard Rauch , Andy R <>
From: Ram Chandar <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/16/2003 20:59:40
On Sunday 16 February 2003 17:13, Richard Rauch wrote:

> WINE is fine, but the attitude of the emulator is to create a box
> in which the program runs on its emulated OS.

WINE Is Not an Emulator. What it does is implement Win32 system
calls. Or did I get it wrong. 

As for the "box", It can run in three modes. Win32 app windows appear
in a desktop window managed by X Window manager, Win32 app windows
directly managed by the X Window Manager, and finally, Win32 windows
unmanged, in which case you'll get the native look and feel for 
window frames etc.

> None were able to run a beta executable that was sent to me
> by a developer, either.  As those were the only two programs
> that I cared to run under emulation, I've shelved that whole
> matter.

Did you look at the wine apps database at winehq and codeweavers?

> If someone is looking to be nudged in the direction of helping
> one of these work better for NetBSD, I'd nominate PEACE and
> Rewind, in that order.  That said, any improvement to any of
> them would be nice.  (^&

I would like to see people using winelib so they can produce 
executables that can run on UNIX without too much effort.

Ram Chandar.