Subject: NFS capability
To: None <>
From: Ram Chandar <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/10/2003 10:55:32

Blue Arc, Network Appliance and a custom Sun box are the backend NFS servers. 
"You just can't serve terabytes of data off a Linux box now", states Brown. 
"Throughput is about a third of what it should be". 

What is the NFS capability of NetBSD, and other BSDs?

I have come across several articles about Linux being the primary OS in
the film industry. They are phasing out SGI workstations in favour of
SMP x86 machines running Linux. If somebody can show that NetBSD is 
at least as good as Linux for this job, that would be great for 

Experts from movie studios explain in a one day conference
how they adopted Linux to their enviroment. (Feb 18 @LosAngeles)

Is there a port of Filmgimp, to NetBSD.

Ram Chandar.