Subject: Re: Marketing NetBSD - TODO
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/22/2002 00:03:11
Hubert Feyrer <> wrote:
> Long term goals:
>  - Rework our logo. The Daemon is nice and I'd say it should stick,
>    but the logo we use right now is both a bit old and a bit too
>    complex from a design view. Some new arrangement WRT the daemon
>    might be nice. I'd not say to go away from the daemon for now.
>    The logo should be flexible enough to serve for our front web page,
>    t-shirts and CDs, but also to allow some variations for using it on
>    themes of the same thing, like our website navigation. Our current
>    logo isn't really good there (see e.g. the flag at the bottom of

What I would like would be something as simple as Google's logo --
similar to  We could also have
themed logos, according to season/holidays/events etc.  Now, if only we
had some skilled graphics designer folks... (maybe we do?  If so, they
need to pipe up! ;-)

>  - Make the world aware of NetBSD. The only way to do this is to go
>    out to conferences and talk about NetBSD, write articles in papers
>    and magazines, organize booths etc. Special note should be taken
>    that Linux is _not_ our enemy - people there often don't know about
>    us and are grateful and curious about us _if they only get to know
>    us_. I've made some very positive experiences going to various
>    Linux(only) events!

On that note:  LinuxWorld is coming up in January here in NYC.

> Short term goals:
>  - Move my flyers ( into
>    htdocs, and maybe a few other things to start some "marketing
>    stuff" repository. (I have a generic "What is BSD" flyer here too,
>    in both german and english language).

Done.  I imported it in gallery/advocacy/flyer.* -- with links from
gallery/devotionalia.html and Misc/about.html.

I'd like to include the posters you had for one of the conferences as
well (besides, I'd like to print them for myself and local use), do you
have ps, pdf, tex, jpg or anything?


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