Subject: X-No-Archive and usenet gateway
To: 'netbsd-advocacy @ netbsd . org' <>
From: Martin Trautmann <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/22/2002 10:54:41
Hi all,

I was surprised to find out that all email is forwarded to the usenet by a
mail2news gateway in news:muc.lists.netbsd.*

This will provide a simple way for spammers to extract valid and really
used email adresses.

I contacted the admin of this gateway. He modified the gateway script in
order to accept the header line X-No-Archive:yes in order not to forward
these messages to the usenet.

IMHO both the gateway and the method to prevent its use should be mentionned in
every subscription info.

Those message won't be found in 
(holding 168000 messages), but in <>
only (where the email address is a little bit hidden).

Best regards,