Subject: NetBSD @
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/08/2002 11:28:10
From Oct 1st to 3rd, the second Linuxday Luxembourgh took place, which
attracted about 260 visitors. There were many tutorials and presentations,
and also an exhibition area.  I was there doing presentations on a
Video-Rendering Cluster using NetBSD, and a general introduction to The
NetBSD Project, and I also ran a NetBSD booth.

Some impressions, ideas and questions I got:

 - What about Java? Enterprise Java Beans?
 - People want daemon pins (which I didn't have ;) and CPU badges (which I
   had, thanks to Wasabi!)
 - Don't forget pins at home, and sticky tape
 - If you bring T-shirts, don't forget clothes hangers
 - Bring posters!
 - Use some slideshow and/or animation as eye catcher
 - If there are "info" points that offer all sort of flyers, add some
   there for people to collect;
 - Of course DO bring flyers that can be handed out.
 - Friggin' trident driver in XFree 4 managed to hang my machine several
   times. Had to power it down hard... and enjoy a fsck on a 30GB laptop
   harddisk. :/
 - I got many requests about "jails". Aparently the Linux guys like the
   extra security they offer over simple chroot envs.
 - I had a chance to play with a "SElinux" enhanced box. Seems pretty much
   like a box mocked up with systrace, only that they added a new concept
   of contexts(?) instead of using standard unix user and group handling.
 - Lex Wennmacher increased the ammount of NetBSD developers present by
   100% on thursday afternoon. :)

See for the event's homepage, for some pictures of the
event, the NetBSD booth etc. go to my NetBSD page:

 - Hubert

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