Subject: BSD, MIDI and high-end sound cards? (and a letter about BSD)
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 03/07/2001 21:40:26
I just read an article in April's (2001) Dr. Dobb's Journal about Linux.
It said: "the only viable alternative to using Windows on the x86 platform
is Linux". The author didn't explain "viable", but did share a few of his
Linux goals and needs, which included: "I need at least one good machine
with a high-end sound card for MIDI and audio applications."

Sound works great on my NetBSD/i386-based desktop, but I don't know
anything about high-end sound cards. What are some examples of "high-end"
sound cards?

Do the BSDs support "high-end" sound cards?

Also, I have read about troubles with MIDI under BSD[1] (and Linux), but I
also know that the BSDs do have kernel and software (like timidity) MIDI
support. I don't know much about MIDI.

Do the BSDs offer MIDI support for the "serious MIDI user"[2]?

Also, I am looking for some people to review my "letter to the (DDJ)
editor". This letter says there are other alternatives and quickly
explains a few important and interesting facts about BSD. If you are
interested in reading and providing feedback on my letter (before I mail
it), please send me an email off-list.


   Jeremy C. Reed

[1] I am beginning to realize that Google's version of DejaNews does not
seem to work as well as the original.

[2] This quote is from the DDJ author's previous column.