Subject: Re: Why did NetBSD and FreeBSD diverge?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/18/2001 00:55:26
On 18 Jan, Terry Lambert wrote:
> More corrections...
>> AT&T sold Unix to Novell for $1 Billion dollars in the middle
>> of this and in reallity it was Novell that settled. BTW, this
>> $1B almost bankrupted(sp?) Novell.
> Novell bought USL for $80M, which is only 8% of the figure
> you quote.  This is the same price they charged Sun to get
> out of royalty payments, and the later sale of USL to SCO was
> nothing but gravy for them: very good ROI, in fact.
The figure I'm quoting was one I was given.
If it is incorrect, then I need to get the correcting
reference. Both John and I are working on a History of BSD.
As such, the correct nature of facts becomes us.

If you can please Terry, and reference information, rather
that word of mouth, would assist us greatly.

> The $1B purchase made at around the same time was the purchase
> of Word Perfect.  Along with AppWare (another company started
Terry, I've forwarded this information to John as a
possible error in our notes.

				Best Regards,