Subject: Re: Chuck-on-a-card?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Louis Bertrand <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/27/1999 02:39:46
Try Don Witt <>
He's launching a distribution organisation devoted
to the BSD world.

 --Louis  <> 

Louis Bertrand
Bertrand Technical Services, Bowmanville, ON, Canada  

OpenBSD: Secure by default.

On Sun, 26 Sep 1999, Peter Seebach wrote:

> So, I have these *cute* little MasterCard cards with Tux on 'em.
> Anyone wanna see Chuck on a card?  All we need is some organization that
> represents the BSD's, and a partnership with the same people, and we could
> give out cute little Chuck cards.  Marketing and a little funding.
> I'd get one.  Anyone else interested?  Anyone know of a good organization
> to be the "beneficiary"?  I assume there's some paperwork.
> I suspect it'd be better to have *one* BSD card, instead of 3-5, and just
> have it share among the *BSD's.
> Someone *OTHER* than me can be involved in discussing the distribution.
> -s