Subject: Re: Daemon News Daily Site
To: Wes Peters <>
From: Nik Clayton <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/19/1999 23:11:02
On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 07:35:10PM -0600, Wes Peters wrote:
> "Daniel C. Sobral" wrote:
> > It begs the question, then: does anyone submit this stuff to them?
> I used to.  I got so little through the "it's not Linux" filter I gave up.
> I know Rob has said many times he'd like to cover FreeBSD more, but 
> apparently that message hasn't filtered down to the zealots that throw
> away 90% of the BSD-related postings.

I feel kind of bad mentioning this now because I've had to keep my mouth
shut for the past few weeks, and I've seen comments like this, and 
announcements from DaemonNews, tessarae, and others, fly past.

There will doubtless be a formal announcement soon, but. . .

One of the things Slashdot will be launching in the very near future is
a BSD specific section.  If you've seen the "Your Rights Online" spin
off from the past few weeks it'll be a bit like that.  It's for all the
BSD stories that get submitted but that don't make it to the front page
for one reason or another.

How do I know this?  Because Andover contacted me about a month ago and 
asked if I was interested in editing it.  As you can imagine, I said "yes".
It's taken a month or so to thrash out a few of the niggling details, which
is why I haven't been able to mention this before.

It'll be launching 'shortly' -- basically, I get to write the article that
launches it, which I'll be doing over the next 7 days or so (that is, of
course, unless anyone's got an article written *now* that they'd like to
submit -- one of the reasons Andover are doing this is because they feel
the BSD community is sufficiently large to support it, and launching with
an article from A.N.Other member of the community would highlight that

I can feel a probable flood of questions coming on.  For the time being,
please direct them to me (I've set the Reply-To), and not to this list,
or to anyone else -- they're somewhat busy at the moment.
And, if you can contain your excitement (:-) ) try and keep this quiet
on /. itself.

Also, bear with me, as it might take me a couple of days (or more) to
respond.  Apart from being in the midst of writing a FreeBSD book, and
outlining this /. article (plus a continuation of the "unix tools for
websites" article for DaemonNews) I'm moving house some time in the next
14 days.  There's a regular 9-6 day job in there as well somewhere. . .

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