Subject: Re: Merging Net/Free/Open-BSD together against Linux
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Subject: Re: Merging Net/Free/Open-BSD together against Linux
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Im loosing track of what lists this is going to as I cant focus to well
visually being totally stuffed with prime rib and turkey. :-)
So I hope this is not getting out of control and breaking anyones list

	Here is my thought. As crazy as it may or may not be.
If you want a collaboration between the 3 Free *BSD's why not have a BSD
IETF group. Like the 3 primary architects from each *BSD, the kernel
architect and the VM, and networking architect. Those 3 architects from
each *BSD make up the BSD IETF. Thats 9 members. Those 9 work together to
draw out RFC's the *BSD's can follow should they choose to implement
something. Like threads for instance. They draw up the RFC on how threads
should be done. and *IF* the various *BSD's decide to do threads there
still doing it in their own Free|Net|Open BSD circles but they have to
conform to the standard BSD RFC for threads. 

	To me that seems about as fair, and non ego'ish as possible. 
And the most realistic way for cross collaboration. Im not even sure that
the 3 members from each group can get along. And it might fail miserably.
But in my opinion thats the most feasble way to go. But that means the 3
BSD's have to participate. Im not sure they can get along but IF the 9 can
agree on a final RFC that leaves little room for other ego's. That is the
way it has to be done. So it is VERY important that the 9 members document
WELL THOUGHT OUT, technically sound RFC's. That have as FEW problems and
loopholes as possible.

That's my idea anyway. And I see it as the best way to get the 3 to get
along. But like I said it may also fair miserably. But that is what I
would try.


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this case, Mr. Foot)." -- Terry Lambert, FreeBSD-Hackers mailing list.

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