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Subject: RE: Testimonials
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I think we'd be shooting ourselve in the foot to dis' Linux. Although it's
my least favorite of the three major free OSes, we've contributed a lot back
and forth with each other (all three camps). Their prosperity is ours, and

Im not saying that means we shouldn't compete with Linux, just not at their
expense. We all know NetBSD is the superior OS; that doesn't make Linux a
trashcan OS. There's too little space left in the trashcan by M$ OSes. And
HPUX. And OpenVMS. And Digital Unix. And...


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> Subject: 	Testimonials
> In the past few months I've seen two unsolicited testimonials in
> port-alpha saying, basically, `I was losing with Linux. Then I
> changed to NetBSD, which installed much easier and works much
> better, and my wife came back to me, I was re-hired in a position
> above my old boss, my dog came back to life, etc.' We should perhaps
> get these up on our web pages (probably with the names removed so
> as to avoid flames from those too lazy to search the archives).
> cjs
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