Subject: RE: Export NetBSD CDs
To: 'Marc Baudoin' <>
From: TIJANIC/ELITE Srdjan <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 10/12/1998 11:29:48
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From: TIJANIC/ELITE Srdjan <>
To:, "'Marc Baudoin'" <>
Subject: RE: Export NetBSD CDs
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:29:48 +0100
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	>Marc Baudoin[]
	>dimanche 11 octobre 1998 10:11
	>Subject: Export NetBSD CDs

	>The point is the French people here can offer help if the NetBSD
> >Foundation needs it.
	Yes, I am agree. We have to hack more, and more.

	>I met with Paul Marques Mota last week.
	>He's responsible for the French NetBSD mirror and he's willing to
	>help making CDs if needed.

	The responsible for the French NetBSD mirror is Jean Mehat
	Paul is membre of "equipe-root", like,
or like me.
	"equipe-root" is here just to maintain server. French NetBSD mirror
is a student

	>I inquired about prices.  Making the master of the CD should cost
	>a little less than $400, the master of the booklet around $120.
	>Then each CD should cost $1 and $0.25 for each booklet.

	I am not very interested in selling NetBSD. Linux is a good product
for that.

	>Of course, we can't afford to advance the money to make the CDs
	>and we have no commercial channel to sell them here (though we
	>can find it, it would be interesting to have something in Europe
	>to sell CDs) so we need help from the NetBSD foundation on these

	You are a really good commercial !

	>What are your thoughts?

	What do you think ?

	If you want to make a CD-ROM of NetBSD, you have to read at first
	Than you can make a mirror of or or or ...

	Today everyone know Linux, but Linux project is dead, Linux has
become a commercial product !

Srdjan M. Tijanic