Subject: Re: Mac IIfx
To: None <, macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Christopher Prosser <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/28/1996 12:26:17
I too wanted this for a while until I talked to a coworker about the iifx.
When Apple designed the IIfx they thought the future of computing was to
integrate lots of small processors to handle I/O and the like.  None of
these apple designed processors are documented.  Since they are
undocumented it makes it really hard to program them ;) so NetBSD would be
pretty hard to get working on the hardware.
        My solution was to find a person who had a MacII and traded it for
my IIfx since I really needed a machine that ran Un*x for free.

At 3:53 PM 4/27/96, Scott Bell wrote:
>Hello, me again, just wanted to check if, perhaps, anyone had considered,
>yet, a port for the IIfx...:)
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