Subject: Re: IIsi MacBSD Questions
To: Jim Rhoades <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/27/1995 14:00:33
> Hi,
> I have a Mac IIsi and would like to install MacBSD, however there seems to
> be conflicting information in various FAQ's and other info on whether or
> not it works with a IIsi.  On one site it said that it could be installed,
> but could only be controlled externally through a serial or tty connection.
> So my first question is:  Can I install this on my IIsi and be able to
> control it with my keyboard? or has that problem not been worked out yet?

Look on PUMA ( for the latest FAQ. The IIsi
keyboard problems were fixed in May of this year. 1.1 runs fine on
the IIsi, except that the serial port baud rates are messed up. For
rates less than 19200, multiply the desired rate by 17/16, and ask
for that rate. This problem actually is a machine-dependent-configuration

> My second question is I just have 5 meg RAM, I know that at least 8 is
> recommended.... what problems will I specifically run into with only having
> 5?  (basically I want to install MacBSD to learn more about unix in general
> and to test shell and c scripts).
> The scripts that I am writing will be for web sites, will I be able to have
> a tcp connection and run a small script with only 5 meg?

I think so. Though if you really want to learn about unix, you'll
probably start doing bigger things, and the memory size will be
a problem. I'm assuming you'll set up a swap space of 10 megs, if you
have 5 physical.

One solution, which I have used, is to buy SIMM Doublers. I think all
the Mac magazines carry them. They let you install two banks of memory
in the IIsi. At work, we have extra 1MB SIMMs which aren't being used,
and never will be used, so one set of them came to live in my computer.

> Thanks for your help!

Good luck!