Subject: Re: ADB devices
To: Russell D Albright <>
From: David Johnston <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/29/1995 13:25:24
> Has anyone had any success with non-apple mice? 
> Unfortunately, I have the logitech mouseman and I must
> come up with another mouse. In particular, I was wondering
> if anyone has tried any of the cheap single button mice that
> are available mail order for $20-$30. 

Are you giving up on the Logitech Mouseman because it doesn't work?
I ask the question because I've been using that mouse with my IIcx 
for a while now and have had no problems at all with it. What's more,
with the kernel ADB mods that Ken Nakata wrote a few months ago, all
three buttons work very well under X - which is great! I'd never
willingly go back to a single button mouse.

One possible problem - I'm running a current kernel, so I can't say 
if the mouse works with kernels earlier than about june this year.


David Johnston