Subject: Re: ADB devices
To: Brian R. Gaeke <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/28/1995 22:40:26
> And then spake Russell D Albright as follows:
> > Has anyone had any success with non-apple mice? 
> > Unfortunately, I have the logitech mouseman and I must
> > come up with another mouse. In particular, I was wondering
> > if anyone has tried any of the cheap single button mice that
> > are available mail order for $20-$30. 
> Hrm. I just tried setting MouseKey to click, opt-left, opt-right and it
> seems like the settings go away at shutdown [i.e. BSD boot] time. Grrr. 
> Something to look into later on, anyway...

That's because MouseMan driver for MacOS emulates those key sequence
by software.  It doesn't "program" the mouse to actually send the key

Take a look at my MacBSD ftp site at

There's only one kernel (rather old one) at the moment, but there's
also a diff for adb.c, adbsys.c and adbsysasm.s for Logitech mice

My TrackMan's been working perfectly as a 3-button mouse, but I'd like
to know if it works with other people's systems configured differently
from mine.