Subject: Re: Various ramblings... / Re: Modem? / ...
To: Brian R. Gaeke <>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/27/1995 17:00:41
(forgot the list's cc; i'm chosing for list-wide)
I'm totalising/ordening all advice at the moment.

We, Anya & me, had a day and a evening to storm to say yes or no to go on
btw she's independent from KnoT though heavily related to me and i'm
heavily related to the site.

We said yes and are focusing in bringing in all and last resources such as
advice from the list.
Some resources are unclear or need a higher percentage of succeeding we are
also focussed on getting those higher percentages of succeeding.

In a combat style we go now, to fight but more to get as sharp and quick as
possible to the point where we want to be; continuance of KnoT; the site.

>It might also be worth ktracing pppd on a ppp link until it dies.

dial-in, start pppd
trace -p
create a network error (well.. it happend):
   "socket not connected" by transfering a large file over the ppp-link

find . -name 'ktrace.out' -exec ls -l {} ';'
find . -name 'ktrace.*' -exec ls -l {} ';'
doesn't find a ktrace.out

kdump -f ktrace.out
kdump -dmR
doesn't show a dump.

How to do a trace/kdump on pppd?